September 30, 2012

Finally Smiling

What's that on your face?
Something different but I ever look it
Your lips so sexy when you do that
People call that smiling....

Ah finally your smiling
I can see smile on your face
You look magical and sexy
Because you have wonderful smile

A day is like a year if I don't see it
An hour is like a month if I don't see it
Yes your smile make my day so fast
I love your smile and I'm happy I own it

Your smile just for me and me
Because I know you give me special smile
Finally I can see your smile
And I can sleep well this night

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Heavy Day

This is the second day without see Redly. This is heavy day, make me more need red then I ever think before.

I always think about Red, do I crazy? Maybe crazy about amore and desire. I can't concentrated about my project. I said to myself, I must finish books this year. At least one of my book can publish as national publish not self publish anymore.

Now, I'm follow the market not like what I want to do. Two of my books about HIV/AIDS. And many people said my books are nice and good. But now, I want to try something news. Something different about that.

I already make 4 books but still not finish. I want to finish it soon and one of that, I want to register for contest novel (150-250 pages) for theme freedom but must a bout love.

Themes love, friendship, metropolitan still marketable. So I did try to write about that. Even I want to write about the low level, but that's not marketable -lol- poor Citra lol.

But like I know, change, rise and do the best. We can see the result. Best or worse, it isn't important! The important is you already work-hard to get what you want it.

Like I said to the little girl, just do the best and win or lose isn't important but the experience is more important to be better then before.

Heavy day is on my mind, need miracle to make it easy. Just see the support from friends and special friend and best friend. It would be great! • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For support me and I will do the best.
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September 28, 2012

Caring and Lovely

Someone told me you are lovely
I don't believe that because it imposible
The little girl told me about you
That's the first time I met the girl

Yea... I know you are lovely and caring
You always care my feeling and yours
You are lovely because you have good heart
You never lie and keep the secret

You are the most honest man I know that
You show me how to be lovely and caring
You do that without pretended but real
I can see that from your behavior and words

You are the most man I wanted
Because the responsible man I ever know
Have a good sense of humors and lovely
Thanks for make my world full of you

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Mobile and Me? (MM)

Aku tak terpisahkan dengan namanya mobile, apalagi blackberry. Adanya kemudahan teknologi ini membuatku bersyukur bahwa aku dengan mudahnya bisa mengirim resume, blog, email tanpa harus membuka laptop atau pun computer.

Selain itu, aku juga bisa menyelesaikan cerpen melalui mobile dan kukirim ke alamat email, lalu memindahkannya ke laptop dalam bentuk format doc. Jadi kemana saja, setiap ada ide aku langsung bisa menuliskan.

Zaman sekarang sudah lebih mudah untuk mengerjakan sesuatu. Aku tinggal menunggu kemudahan lagi, tidak perlu mengetik, berbicara saja dan langsung ada yang mengetikan automatis. kƋkƋkƋkƋ=)) =)) pemikiran gila! Jika itu terjadi, tentu akan banyak pengangguran di dunia ini!
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September 27, 2012


I got information for my friend about the International organization. But I'm not interesting. When I'm searching on google and I see it again, the website about volunteer.

I think about this and I do register for volunteer, maybe this time to change my life be better life because I do help people. If my resume will be approve for be one of volunteers in asia, africa or in my country. It would be great.

I never join as volunteer in organisation especially International organization. I remember when I have idea about teach the poor kids who the parents don't have money to pay the bill for education. So, I teach them how to be write and read. I'm making that fun for a kids (3-5 years). For the younger, I teach english and some students said "• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. Because what I teach make their mark high."

Yes, sometimes people must get change to get better life. If I get this (to be volunteer) it would be wonderful in my life, one year help people and it will make my senstive feeling work and it would be good taste in my life, new experience and I will more strong then ever because I have the best experience. If I get change.

I must wait the middle of November about the result, do I get that change or not. I cross my fingers and wish. I do!!!

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Cinta itu akan datang dengan sendirinya
Cinta itu akan memilih dengan sendirinya
Tinggal menunggu waktu dan tepat untuk pelaksanaannya
Tidak ada pemaksaan dalam mencintai

Karena cinta itu murni dengan sendirinya
Karena cinta itu yang dirasa dengan sendirinya
Tak seorang pun bisa merasakan cinta orang lain
Melainkan cinta dirinya dan orang yang dikasihinya

Cinta bagaikan pedang bermata dua
Bisa menyakitkan dan menyemangatkan
Cinta ibarat api yang berkobar atau bagaikan lilin yang sesaat
Cinta bagaikan hidup dan mati diantara pilihan

Semua merasakan cinta, cinta itu sendiri
Merasakan setiap sisi dari cinta yang ada
Kepedihan, kesedihan dan kesengsaraan akan cinta
Kegembiraan, kesenangan dan kebahagiaan akan cinta

Cinta bagaikan kekuatan tujuh pedang
Bagi orang yang jatuh cinta
Cinta bagaikan api yang membara
Bagi orang yang jatuh karena cinta

Bagiku cinta adalah abstrak
Tidak jelas, tidak bisa dipahami
Cinta membuatku terluka dan bahagia
Cinta membuatku kian merindu tiap detik

Cinta membuatku buta akan sgalanya
Yang kupandang hanya goresan pada dirinya
Tiap kali goresan gambarannya makin tajam
Setajam rasa cintaku pada sang kekasih

Bintan, 26-09-2012

Diriku yang merindu dan mendambakannya.... Salahkah aku?

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September 26, 2012

True Love

I'm watching Hot Spot on one station TV in Indonesia, the topic make me interesting about the true love.

Wow, in this world still have true love until die. Many people in this world never care about love, just a little bit who still keep the true love.

The interesting is in Cina. The man who work as teacher there and then he can't walk. His wife always help him to hold him in her back and walk to get school every day.

Wow true love and the old man who died after his wife died coz of cancer. His wife always support and help him when he sick. After his wife that, he also die coz of his sick too.

Love is wonderful and magical. If you find someone who love what the way you are. In good or bad time always support you. Shared the sorrow and the happinest together. I want love like this in my life. So wonderful and that's life. Life isn't easy and full of mistery
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Life is never easy
I should take it with smile
Life is so difficult
That's my choise to be with you

Life make me smile when I see you
Life make me cry when think of you
Life is so complicated but that's life
I want to share my life with you

Even make me sad and happy
I will take the package with you
Because I remember the words
After raining always have rainbow

You make my life so colorful
You teach me how to be fall in love
You make me cry for something
But I'm still loving you with my heart

Because love is complicated
It is not love when you were kid
It is love for make you feel alive
That's life to be wonderful and colorful

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September 25, 2012

I Need Sleep but Can't!

Today is heavy day. I slept a few hours, I guess just 4 hours and making me dizzy.

But after wake up, I can't sleep. So I do work and help mum. The most do my project. Because sleep less, I can't do well. My brain so unclear. Just need sleep but I can't sleep.

The worse when my teeth is ill. Uh, so bad. But thanks I have tablet from my nurse friend. • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. The tablet make me feel better.

When I was typing, I fall asleep. Then my phone is ringing. Ah I wake up coz my phone is near me, make me feel a wake. Ah my friend call me but I'm so sleepy.

But after the phone close. I try to sleep but I can't!!! I need sleep coz I'm so tired but why my eyes can't sleep even my eyes so sore.

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God and Friend

When you have problem, what are you searching first? Friend!

How's your feel when your best friend don't have time when you need someone to hear your problem. To make your heavy day is less coz you do share with someone, you can believe.

I know you will feel so damn disapointed. You just need a little time but your friend can't give it to you.

Different with God. Anytime you need God, God always open the door for you. God always listen you in your pray. Even you don't care about the religion, God still waiting you.

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The Adventure Miss Stubborn and Her Friends Part 6

Mr Dizzy always give the bad agrument about this place isn't safe, to dangours for stay one night. The place seem like outdoor.

Mr Dizzy always make something dizzy in himself about the nonsen reason. Different about Miss Sunshine who always think positive think. Miss Stubborn can't talk to much because she still feel guilty with her friends.

"Ok. Everybody keep quite please," said Mr Cheerful, after hearing many agrument about the wonderful place.

"Do you agree with me," ask Mr Dizzy.

"Yes, but we can't walk to far or back. That's why this place is good place for us to be safe."

"No, no. That's imposible. Give me the reason."

"We are looking adventure. This is adventure," mr Cheerful remind them.

"I agree with Mr Cheerful," said Miss Stubborn.

"Yes, me too."

"This is your faulth Miss Stubborn, if we get trouble. You must responsible," yell Mr Dizzy already headache because thinking they must stay one night in forest.

"Ok, we must build our tents."

They are building the tent and sing the happy song.

We are brave we are adventure
We walk far a way from home
We are looking the adventure
Because we are the happinest people

After building tents, they play on the pond. Mr Dizzy yelled when he looks something. What he was see? Why he scare? Wait the story next time.

To be continue
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Sometimes in alive we need miracle
Miracle to make us think still have hope
Hope for better life and hope for second change
But sometimes miracle just like a dream

We just spend time to waiting miracle
Like a frog a sing a song for rain
Miracle just come to people who need it
Need miracle to save their life and their soul

What's miracle in your mind
Is miracle like a make a wish when birthday time
I need miracle to make my life better
I did mess my change and my life

I want to wake up and take a change
I don't want think about pass and pass
I just want think about present and future
I need miracle to make me strong

Strong to make me keep alive
Alive to make me can feel it
I want to feel and touch world
That's why I need miracle to get real

I have many dreams and want to be real
I know I can't just wait the miracle
I must work-hard to get it real
To rise my dreams to be real

So I can feel freedom and happy
Because I can show the world
I do, I do make my dream to be real
I'm happy I have magic to get miracle in my life

Bintan, 24-9-2012
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Miss My Body

When I saw this picture. How was so slim me. My body was so perfect. Slim! But when working hard and the timetable for eat isn't good. Bum bum my body change to be fat.

But I did make it small but not to slim like this hehehe. But what ever your size you must say • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. And never complain and making you aren't confidence.

Red told me : Red has friend and red friend always complain about her body. That's not good.
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Last night I was watch the Thailand movie, the story about the two girls went to travel (backpacker). They go to around the Europe. They visit many place and also have many problems.

ah I wish someday I also can travel to many place too. Someone ask me, do you like to travelling? Of course! Who doesn't like to travel? Nobody!

What's part I want to visit? Mmm secret..... Which part I did travel? Mmmm can I say Balikpapan? Lol that was my home town.

Ok Tanjungpinang, Batam, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Malang, Surakata, Pati, Bali, Solo, Surabaya, Jakarta, kurasa hanya itu yang kuingat hehe

Kalau keluar negeri? Mm ​ƍäª ada yang bisa kubanggakan hanya seputar Singapura dan Malaysia saja. Parah!!! kƋkƋkƋkƋ=)) =))
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Finally I find My friend

I was so happy, a few week ago I found my old friend. My id got problem so I can't open that site. Then I made you one and I found the doctor.

Why I was always search doctor, before my id get problem, the doctor said he found the lady and he was so damn fall in love. So I always search him and I want to know the result and I wish good, so my result will good to with Red.

But how was disapointed me when the doctor said the relationship wasn't good. Have different feeling and style!! I don't understand what people search in alive?

For me the happinest, good job (8 hours time for work), and have a nice husband who will support me.

Talking about what's the ideal man in your life. I'm still remember my ideal man. I always say to my best friends when I was college.

1. He must caring and care about health.
2. He must love the family
3. He isn't smoker
4. He must fashionable
5. He must responsible
6. He must tall, white skin (the reason coz I'm brown skin) and six pack lol (crazy think)
7. He must can cook food.
8. He has to like spend time with family
9. He must romantic
10. He must support me.

But know what's my man I love. Still same but the body rejected lol.
1. He must can cook food
2. Caring and health
3. He's not smoker
4. He must love family
5. He must romantic and support me.

I will tell you, why this character what I want to be my husband. I will tell you next time.

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September 24, 2012

A Cup of Chocolate

I'm still writing for my two books. To much type and thinking about plot, figurs and setting. The weather is still hot. Even now already night! Making my dress wet coz of sweat.

I can't sleep so I decided to typing again even I don't know what I must write, to much words in my mind and to much worry this night.

But I'm feel calm after talking with grandfa. He said nice think about something in my mind. Yes sometimes we must take it easy.

A cup of chocolate company me this night to wake up all night making me want to type much as I can. I will never give up about my dream, my life. I want to be good writer, I want to make it be real.

• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. A cup of chocolate you company me in the quite night, just you and me and music.

Your taste so sweet making me think the sweet think but my story isn't sweet like you, must complicated life and that's will be life, passion and love, a fair, dead, stress. Yes story for metropolitan life style.
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Whisper Me Words

Today is so quiet here
Can you whisper me words
Nice words I want to hear from you
Whisper me words "I Love You"

I want to hear you whisper me that
Whisper me "You never leave me"
Whisper me "Its real and it isn't dream"
Whisper me "You always love me"

I really want to hear your voice
When you are whispering me this
You will make my day so complate
Just whisper me so nice words every day

I know this is to much for me
But I would love to hear this words
I will never feel bored when you whisper
Because we will be closer to each others

That's why I need you whisper me
Because I can hear your breath
That's making me realise you are real
We will be together to rise our dream

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"Hi," sapa Anne saat melihat Odi di pakiran mall. Odi sepertinya tidak memperhatikan Anne yang hanya berjarak 20 meter.

Anne berinisiatif mengejar dan menepuk bahunya, saat Anne bisa menyusulnya. "Dari tadi dipanggilin gak dengar," ujar Anne, "Selamat ya, maaf lho aku gak sempat hadir ke weddingmu. Sebagai gantinya aku traktir makan yuk."

Odi hanya mengangguk. "Kemana saja kamu?"

Anne hanya nyegir, "Mencari suami juga, calon."

Karena di Mall terlalu ramai, mereka memutuskan untuk mencoba restauran baru. "Kita makan di sini saja," ajak Odi.

Anne setuju. "Ya, tidak ada salahnya mencoba." Mereka pun memilih duduk paling pojok.

Setelah memesan makan dan minuman. Odi hanya diam saja. "Kamu ini kenapa? Seharusnya pengantin baru itu happy."

"Uh," hela nafas Odi, "Pernikahan ini kesalahan fatal."

Anne hampir menumpahkan minumannya. "Koq bisa?"

Odi kembali menghela nafas. "Istriku terlalu possessive. Aku tidak kuat lagi?"

"Memangnya kamu tidak membicarakan baik-baik."

"Aku sudah lelah."

Odi menceritakan semua persoalannya, karena ia sangat mempercayai Anne. Apalagi dia butuh seorang pendengar.

Odi berpacaran dengan Dian selama enam bulan, selama pacaran itu Dian terlalu pencemburu. Membuatnya tidak tahan. Possessive yang berlebihan. Akhirnya, Odi menikahinya agar Dian percaya dan berubah sifat. Ternyata sikap possessivenya semakin mengerikan. Menjadi-jadi. "Aku sudah tidak kuat lagi," keluhnya.

Anne memahami benar posisi yang dihadapi Odi.

"Mm coba baca ini," sodor Anne.

Tips menghadapi pacar possessive.

1. Berusahalah memberikan perhatian yang agak lebih pada pasangan ,karena dengan begitu pasangan Anda itu akan merasa nyaman dan tidak selalu dihinggapi rasa curiga. Misalnya : selalu mengabarkan keberadaan anda ataupun kegiatan anda saat itu. Tidak perlu telepon cukup sms saja.

2. Jangan pernah mengungkit masa lalu yang berkaitan dengan mantan-mantan pacar Anda, atau malah membanding - bandingkannya.

3. Berusahalah untuk menjadi pendengar yang baik saat dia marah ataupun sedih.

4. Berusahalah untuk bersikap lebih sabar.

Odi tertawa sangat nyaring usai membaca tips dari tablet yang disodorkan Anne. "Kenapa lho?"

"Ini tips klasik amat, basi tahu nggak?"

"Memangnya sudah kamu coba."

"Baiklah, istriku ini sangat cemburuan dan terlalu possessive. Masa aku disuruh keluar dari kerjaan, karena dalam proyek tim yang aku pimpin ada perempuannya."


Odi mengangguk, "Sudah aku jelaskan bahwa itu hanya rekan kerja, tapi kami malah berantem dan berakhir dengan keributan yang tak pernah tuntas."

Anne hanya mengangguk. Odi melanjutkan ceritanya,"Pernah suatu kali, aku sedang membantu mobil temanku mogok dan dia melihatku membantunya. Ia turun dari mobilnya dan memaki-maki aku didepan orang banyak."

"Itu sudah tak wajar cemburuannya," sahut Anne tak percaya.

"Karena itulah aku tak tahan hidup dengannya. Tidak ada kebahagian yang ada hanya pertengkaran."

"Terus apa solusimu?"

"Memberikan istriku kesempatan untuk berubah, jika tidak bisa satu-satunya cara cerai."
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The Adventure Miss Stubborn and Her Friends Part 5

The last story: Miss Stubborn and her friends decided to adventure out from her city. But they are lose. After 30 minutes walking and never stop. They find a pond and that's wonderful place. So they decided to make tents there.

"Wow, this is wonderful place. I never see like this before," said Mr Cheerful.

Miss Sunshine agreed with Mr Cheerful. "Yes this is amazing place I ever look in my life, so beautiful and fresh."

Mr Dizzy just look around without sound. He's just think, they will get trouble here. Mr Dizzy always think to much and make him dizzy after thinking because never find the answer.

Just Miss Stubborn enjoy the pond. She's playing water in the pond, the weather so cold make her feeling better. Because when she was walking, she felt so hot and angry because Mr Dizzy blamed her.

"What are you doing?" Ask Miss Sunshine, "we must make tent because we will stay here for a day."

"What!" Mr Dizzy yelled and making them shock. "What are you talking about?"

"We stay here for a day," repeat Miss Sunshine.

"Its imposible, we can't stay here even just one minute."

"Why? What's the reason?" Ask Miss Stubborn.

"Maybe this place is so damn unsave for us. Believe my insting."

Both of miss just laug hear the nonse of the reason from Mr Dizzy.

What happen next, do they make tent in the wonderful place? To be continue
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Hot in Cleveland Show

Hot in Cleveland revolves around three fabulous L.A. women of a certain age who are best friends( Valerie Bertinelli , Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick.) Their lives are changed forever when their plane -- headed to Paris for a girls-only celebration -- unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in a new 'promised land'. Loving their new home, the women find themselves living under one roof and battling the sassy caretaker (Betty White) of the property they have rented.

Film ini sangat menarik dan menghibur. Film favoriteku setelah film seri mengenai ibu dan anak (single mum).
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The Story Mr Grumpy and Miss Messy Part 3

How was suprise him, when he said he fall in love with her. So damn fall in love and Miss Messy say the same. They make commitment to be lover.

Mr Grumpy is very happy man in the world because he made a beautiful lady, Miss Messy.

Every day he always thinks about the lady, he feels time so slow when he is working but time is so fast when he's talking with Miss Messy.

Every day he feel more fall in love. He can't wait the time to meet her. Even they have different time but he always exciting to meet her.

How about Miss Messy? How's feeling with Mr Grumpy.

To be continue
The smile miss Messy always on his mind
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Three Keys and The Girls Part 4

Until waiting what happen in her friend future. The little girl go to another her friends. She is coming and ask her friend about the keys.

"Do you find the three keys too?" Ask the little girl.

"Yes I do," answer her friend.

Little girl is wonder about the next question. She will answer or not coz she covered friend. "Did you already use all the keys or you just pick one?"

Her friend shake her hand. Making the little girl is confused. As remind every door have title. The left door is career, the middle is friendship and the right is love. The girls just have to pick the one key from the three keys.

"I never used it, I'm still keeping it."


"I don't know how to used it and what's the important to used it. I like my life here, no have best friend, my job. I don't have ambition for that and also I don't need man or marriage in my life. So why I must pick one?"

The little girl feel sorry about her friend life. That's will be bored life ever.

To be continue
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Someone Like You

By Adele

I heard that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're married now.
I heard that your dreams came true.
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you.

Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me it isn't over.

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead, "

You know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives
We were born and raised
In a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me it isn't over.

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

Nothing compares
No worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes
They are memories made.
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you
Don't forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

*hear this song making me cry this night. Tonight I have sensitive feeling, maybe I want to get *** so badly
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Being Happy

I don't know why I'm crying
I just want to be happy
Maybe life isn't easy like usually
But I just want to being happy

Happy where are you?
I'm looking you know
Where's my Mr Happy
Ah he is hiding from me

I miss you so much
Don't hiding anymore
Yes Mr happy I can hear you
What's your whisper?

Ah that's tree words
Seem like I ever hear that
The words "I Love You"
I know that because you

Thanks Mr Happy
I know and feel that's word
What's the meaning of being happy
When I see and rise our dream
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Entahlah belakangan ini, dua hari belakangan ini dia slalu melontarkan pertanyaan yang aneh? Ada apa?

Kali ini dia mengatakan bagaimana jika, bgm jika ia tidak bisa datang dan diundur. Padahal aku sudah menolak pekerjaan demi dia.

Kebingungan itu lah yang kurasakan saat ini. Aku memahami kondisinya seratus persen, mungkin seribu persen. Tetapi apakah dia juga memahami kondisiku juga. Aku takut ceritanya kan berubah. Ya Tuhan, aku sungguh takut akan itu.

Aku mohon padamu agar semuanya bisa berjalan lancar.
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BreadFruits (Sukun)

Grandfather ask me about what's bread fruits. Mmm the first time I didn't know what's that. So I search in google. I found it and we call here sukun.

Is that nice fruit and familiar with jackfruits. Yes it is but the different bread fruit must cook first like spoil or fry then we can eat.

The taste so yummy and nice. My mum always like to make the sukun fried.

The recipes is

1 sukun (bread fruits) cut
5 onion
Salt for taste
Oil for freid

How to cook
Crash the onion with salt and then give water, after that put the slide sukun then fry until yellow. Serve when still warm. Mmmm yummy
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Ice Cream

Ah the weather more worse, seem like summer time in the europe. So hot, very hot. Making me just think just one thing.

The cold, chocolate and the taste is so damn yummy. Yes ice cream for the answer, the correct answer. Who doesn't like ice cream? Of course nobody

This is my favorite food, seem like red also like this one too. Red always teas me when Red is eating ice cream. So bad Red, lol :)

Red said when we have own ice cream business will be failed because the owner will eat it all the time and up night, hehehe. My red is always funny. Red always be redslef that's good point.

Why people sometimes can't be yourself, why must pretended, that will make you tired. So enjoy the ice cream and don't be afraid to be fat just eat a little ice cream.... Ckckckck
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September 23, 2012

Writing and Writing

Ah I'm still not finish make story about Mr Grumpy and Miss Messy, three keys and girls, and also The Adventure of Miss Stubborn and her friends. I'm sorry for the readers who like to visit my blog and I'm not continue writing.

Because I'm making story for contest writing on national magazine. Femina always make contest writing for short story and long story. This year I decided to join this contest. I know I never write short story but I did it. I'm already finish two story and I will sent it soon. The deadline is 1 November already at desk team for the contest writing.

About long story (to be continue story) will be deadline on December. I wish I can finish it soon, I'm already making 25 pages and still need half again because for long story (40-50 pages). I wish I can finish it.

I'm also making story for contest national publisher Gramedia about topic novel amore (love), still have many times to finish and sent it. Wish me luck. And I'm sorry this time can't finish story for my blog. Have a nice weekend

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Who is like play golf? Mmm I can't play golf, but I always like to enjoy the view. Because the design of view on glof so wonderful.

Every part have a good taste and touch. The best part when the view is near beach. You can hear the sound of waves and I can't stop say "wow" it is wonderful.

Your feeling will be fresh and cool. Peace and relax. That's why many people spend time to do this sport. Because they will enjoy that.

Mmmm Bintan island is famous with the golf, they have Ria Bintan Golf Club and also Bintan Lagoon. As I remember Bintan Lagoon offer two view for playing golf, forest and beach.
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What's tears?
Something in your eyes
You are crying.. Are you ok?
Ah tears in your eyes

What's that mean?
Why you have tears in your eyes
You said "That's happinest tears"
Ah you are making me afraid

I think something happened to you
When I see you have tears there
Making me think you are so soft
Have a good heart and feeling

Ah that's call the happinest tears
You are crying without sound
Because you feel the happinest

Ah that's good moment
Thanks to show me your another part
Your sensitive part and the soft heart
You always make me feel suprise

Every time we talk and share
I always get something new
Something that making me know you
You are the one I want too

I also feel the same
Not just when I'm sad you come
But when the happinest I also tears

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September 21, 2012

Wonderful Day

Wonderful day is when I see you
Even that's just a second time
But I'm so happy just see you
The way your smile is my day

Wonderful day is when raining
If the hot weather come, raining is waiting
When raining is wonderful day
The most I want to share umbrella with you

Wonderful day is when I'm eating ice cream
The cold of ice make me feel so cool
The hot weather gone when eating it
I want to share the happinest with you

Wonderful day is when I get good change to do it
I want to share my desire to be writer
And you always support me to do that
That's my wonderful day coz you understand

Wonderful day is when I get opportunity work as international organization
Share all the good information about the human topic
And I always look your smile give me two tumbs

Wonderful day is when I always spend time with the good things
My mind and my desire about all stuffs
The most is when I can share with you
That's the wonderful day ever I get it
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Resensi The Help

My favorite movie after The Blind Side, The Help. Film yang sangat menarik dan menyentuh. Film dengan setting lokasi di Mississippi dan pada masa kulit berwarna (The color) dan kulit putih (white people) masih memiliki perbedaan.

Film ini memiliki latar tahun 1960an di Mississippi. Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) adalah wanita Afrika-Amerika yang mengabdikan hidupnya untuk bekerja dengan prominent southern families dan baru saja kehilangan anak satu – satu nya.

Sedangkan Minny Jackson ( Octavia Spencer ) adalah wanita Afrika-Amerika yang sering sekali dipecat dari pekerjaannya dan terkenal sebagai pembantu yang sangat susah untuk dipekerjakan.

Sedangkan Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan atau Skeeter (Emma Stone) adalah gadis berkulit putih yang baru saja lulus dari University of Mississippi dan memutuskan untuk mencari pengasuhnya saat dia kecil yang tiba – tiba secara misterius hilang.

Cerita tiga wanita ini adalah kisah yang menceritakan bagaimana kehidupan di awal tahun 1960an yang masih membedakan antara ras hitam dan putih.

Ini resensi film yang kurang menarik yang kudapat dari salah satu website.

Film ini memang mengisahkan tiga wanita Aibileen, Minny dan Skeeter. Aibileen bekerja pada Elisabet untuk mengurus putrinya dan juga mengurus keperluan rumahtangga. Sedangkan Minny bekerja pada Hilly, "wanita" yang sangat disegani oleh para wanita kulit putih. Sementara Skeeter baru lulus kuliah dan mendapati kabar bahwa ibunya terkena penyakit kanker dan akhirnya, ia memutuskan kembali ke Mississippi untuk membantu ibunya.

Skeeter berbeda dengan teman-temannya. Ia tidak pernah memandang ras dan ia memiliki ambisi untuk jadi penulis. Ia pun tiba-tiba mendapat ide untuk menulis buku mengenai kisah para pembantu (Help) yang berkulit hitam itu. Tentunya dari sudut pandang pembantu.

Niatnya ini tidak gampang, karena banyak yang tidak ingin mengambil resiko untuk menceritakan kisah mereka. Apalagi banyak kejadian yang bertentangan dengan persamaan ras. Namun akhirnya, Aibileen pun mau diajak bekerjasama. Mereka pun mulai menuliskan kisah mereka, saat mengetahui itu Minny sangat marah.

Apalagi dia baru saja di pecat Hilly karena ketahuan menggunakan toiletnya. Dia diusir pada saat badai Tornado sedang menghantam Mississippi. Pada kejadian itu 18 orang tewas, 10 orang berkulit putih dan 8 orang kulit hitam.

Suka duka menjadi pembantu pada masa itu, upah yang sedikit dan direndahkan menjadi alur utama pada film ini. Sangat menarik!! Bagaimana buku The Help hasil karya mereka menjadi skandal di lingkungan tempat tinggal mereka.
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September 19, 2012


Ternyata topik HIV dan AIDS tidak pernah habis-habisnya dibahas. Baik untuk di dunia dan juga Indonesia. Hari ini aku menonton film mengenai detective namun kali ini temanya mengenai HIV. Unik? Iya aku juga unik.

Apakah ada dokter yang menyangkal adanya AIDS. Dokter yang beranggapan HIV tidak menyebabkan AIDS. Setiap tubuh manusia memiliki antibody terhadap virus HIV. HIV bukanlah penyakit mengerikan! Uih, pemikiran yang gila!

Ups sorry readers. Pasalnya aku pernah melihat bagaimana virus HIV menyerang tubuh dan melihat penderita hiv menjadi aids. Tragis. Rata-rata orang yang terinfeksi hiv adalah orang yang suka melakukan hubungan bebas dan tanpa pengaman, narkoba khususnya suntik karena bila salah satunya terkena hiv maka bagaikan flue akan cepat menyebar, pecinta sesama jenis.

Pernahkan pembaca melihat orang yang benar-benar sudah ditingkat yang parah. Ya, aku sudah pernah melihatnya, sungguh mengerikan tubuhnya dipenuhi jamur, sampai susah untuk berbicara. Bahkan lidahnya.

Untuk urusan HIV, Indonesia termasuk urutan tertinggi dalam kasus ini. Jika di rata-ratakan seks bebas dan narkoba sama besarnya.
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I don't know since when I like to watch detective and crime movies. But my chanel TV never play the chanel for Fox Crime. I really like to watch the CSI and many movie series about the police and crimes.

But I never have an idea for make story about detective because it need instrict and clue and so on for the story. My favorite writer Sydey Seldom is good for that.

All have good sense and taste about the story and making me inside on their imagination and I wish someday I can make story with the good sense and taste.

Many people have talent about writing and I wish I can use it too. Not because I was journalist but since I was senior high school but I was not lucky on my ages when I was young.

So in my age now I want to do that. My passion for writing not just romance story but also kids story. I learn, learn and learn. So I wish someday I can make detective story too.
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Waktu cepat berlalu dan aku masih merasa kabur akan apa yang kan terjadi. Adakah kemungkinan akan berubah? Mama sudah menanyakan apakah ia akan datang? Apa yang harus ku jawab?

Kabur masih samar-samar. Dan sesungguhnya aku juga takut.
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September 18, 2012

Love Song for No One

By John Mayer

staying home alone on a Friday
flat on the floor looking back
on old love
or lack thereof

after all the crushes have faded
and all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jaded
I hate it

I'm tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here
so tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here

searching all my days to find you
not sure what I'm looking for
I'll know where
when I see you

until then I'll hide in my bedroom
just staying up all night just to write
a love song
for no one

I'm tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here
so tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
could I have missed my chance and watched you walk away

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
could I have missed my chance and watched you walk away

I'm tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here
so tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here

you'll be so good
you'll be so good for me
I know you'll be so good
for me
for me

Mmm nice song :)
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I miss My Curl Hair

Do you fashionable? Do you like to change your hair style? Yes I do same like it. My original hair is curl not so high curl like in this picture. This picture after I made curl hair with the curl hairdyer.

But I'm really miss my curl hair and long hair but now my hair always fall down. So bad!!!! Do you have clue how to keep your hair beautiful and never fall down again
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Coconut Ice with Brown Sugar

I love coconut fruit, it is fresh and healthy. Mmm this is one of my favorite recipe from my grandmother.

1 fruit coconut (the water and the young meat)
7 tablespoons brown sugar water (for teast)*
Ice for make it cold.

*water and brown sugar cooked until brown sugar melt with the water in medium temparatur

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Coconut Water and Meat

A few days in Bintan island, espesially Tanjungpinang the weather is so hot, very hot. If I'm feeling hot, sweating and already take shower many times.

The good time is drinking the cold ice water. But in this time I like to drink coconut water. Mmmm someone ever asked me about how you can drink coconut.

Coconut is cream for making curry. Okay my friends who never come to Asia or tropic islands. I will give you a clue and when you come taste it.

In under coconut fuit have water and coconut meat. For making curry cream isn't the water inside the coconut fruit but the coconut meat.
When the coconut meat young, you can eat it with the water coconut inside in coconut fruit.

If the coconut meat old that can't eat but that for making cream coconut for making curry. I wish I already explain about the coconut and all people who never see it can understand.


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Coconut Tree

I have a coconut tree in backyard, so when a little boy and a little ask what I'm drinking. I said I'm drinking coconut fruit with ice, so fresh and yummy.

So, they ask me to show the coconut tree. Then I show it to them. They were so excited to see the coconut tree :)

Today the little cute boy wants to see it again. So I show it the coconut tree and have many coconut fruits. The little boy ask me to sent it :) so funny, because will be so heavy to sent it.

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Keep Health

Cuaca yang tidak menentu tentunya membuat kondisi badan tak karuan. Nah, jika kondisi badan tidak fit, apa yang harus dilakukan?

1. Minum air hangat karena akan membuat badan lebih baik.

2. Istirahat yang cukup

3. Minum orange juice agar vitamin c dalam tubuh membuat badan segar

4. Makan makanan yang sehat

5. Jika masih juga tidak fit, minum obat atau minta orangtua dikerik xixixi seperti adik aku satu ini.

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September 17, 2012


When I'm talking with you
You make me happy always
When I'm seeing you
You never stop making me smile

What's the happinest in this life?
What's the happier people in this world?
What's the good time in this day?
What's wonderful day in the busy day?

The happinest life when I'm with you
The happier people when they share their happier
The good time when you spend with your love
The wonderful day when you always keep in touch

Life isn't happinest when you are lonely
Life is difficult when you don't have someone
Life is heavy if you can't shared your problem
Life is sorrow if you close yourself with relationship

The happinest is when you with special person
The wonderful life when you have someone
Your life will keep going if you shared it
Life isn't dark when you have wonderful relationship

That's magic when you can feel it
That's wonderful when you see it
The happinest is the most important
Because everyone is looking the happinest
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• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. God I got Inspiration

Today I'm so happy, I spend long time in front of my yellow laptop to making story, short story and long story with many story to contest writing on November and December.

I know I got the information so late but nothing late just the deadline so near. • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. God I got many inspiration.

Must keep spirit to finish it all and don't ever give up. Because I want to shared about alive because alive isn't like fairy tale always get happy ending life.

But we must work-hard and never give up to rise the dream and I'm so happy have many friends support me and especially my Red. • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For the best change to do the best as I will try to do it.

Lose or win just the bonus for the contest but the spirit and inspiration and improve are the important.
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September 16, 2012

Time is Never Enough

When with you, time is never enough
I'm still need more time to see you
I like the way you smile and laugh
You are the nice man ever I see

Time is never enough when we are talking
Time is never enough just watch you
I like to see you in the kitchen
I always spend time just watch you

Time is never enough to talk about the plan
I'm still need time to see you every day
Time is so fast when we are talking
Time is so fast when I just show you

All day I just want to see you
But the time is never enough if I'm with you
Why time so fast when I'm with you
It is like time is never enough if with you
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Having an Idea making book

Sometimes the singles feel annoying with their friend who already marriage. They think, they already the best coz already marriage.

Very annoying so much. Many friends shared and making me an idea to making story the club single. Maybe must research more before making it and also must keep spirit because my plan for making book "Man, Sex and Marriage," also stuck coz of my old laptop broken and I'm not keep the data and lost.

Citra, keep spirit and make it finish soon. You can do it
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September 15, 2012

I Miss You

Today is heavy day and I miss you. Why I said heavy day because in the night I can't sleep well coz of tooth ache and I'm thinking about you.

I miss you and always miss you. I really want to meet you but how come to see you?

My headache full of you. That's the best if I'm thinking of you. Making me forget about the ill.
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September 14, 2012

Masalah Disetiap Kehidupan

Setiap manusia yang bernafas di dunia ini tentu memiliki masalah. Tiap permasalahan berbeda-beda. Mungkin ada yang sama dan menyingkapinya dengan pandangan berbeda.

Permasalahan bisa timbul dimana saja, di rumah, di kantor, di skul, di jalan. Mungkin kita merasa lelah dan tak berdaya menghadapi persoalan. Tapi permasalahan akan membuat kita belajar dan semakin dewasa.

Orang yang tidak memiliki masalah adalah mati. Karena orang mati tidak mengetahui apa-apa. Nah, bersyukurlah kita masih bisa hidup dan menghadapi masalah yang ada.

Nah bagaimana mengatasi masalah? Banyak berdoa dan bersyukur. Ada tertulis "Segala perkara dapat kutanggung di dalam Dia yang memberikan kekuatan padaku."

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Keep Beauty and Health

Tetap cantik dan sehat!! Ayo siapa yang mau awet muda? Gak ada ya? Tentunya semua orang ingin tetap cantik, sehat dan awet muda. Ada gak she caranya?

Tentu saja ada. Nah caranya sangat simple koq. Makanan bergizi dan tetap bugar dengan olahraga. Terkadang kita merasa sangat capek. Nah, untuk awet muda jangan pernah ada namanya rasa capek.

Ada yang tau gak seh alasan orang mudah capek? Baiklah berdasarkan penelitian, sejumlah perempuan muda sengaja diberi makan-makanan yang tidak mengandung protein dan tidak makan sayuran segar.

Sebagai gantinya mereka diberikan makanan yang tak bergizi, sayuran yang dimasak terlalu matang, roti putih dan kue-kue. Mereka yang mengkonsumsi makanan tidak sehat jadi tidak berenergi, lesu, gugup, tegang dan lekas marah. Mereka jadi mudah bertengkar diantara mereka.

Semakin mereka lesu, semakin banyak pula mereka makan untuk memulihkan tenaga tetapi yang mereka makan itu tidak mengandung gizi malah membuat mereka semakin capai dan lesu.

Nah bagaimana mengatasi rasa lelah? Caranya mudah makan yang serba seimbang, kaya akan vitamin dan mineral, serta melakukan releksasi. Ok, besok akan dibahas bagaimana melepas lelah.

(Berbagai sumber)
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Why people seldom smile
Although smile is free
But they seldom use the lips for smile
Just give a little push and smile

Smiling isn't difficult to do
But many people just like to keep it
Keep the best smile for nothing
When you are smiling

You didn't realise how nice person you are
Just smiling and feel the inside your heart
Like the kids and baby always smile
You can do like the kids and baby

You will look great and friendly if you are smiling
Smiling is free so you can do it anytime
Meet the people you don't know just smile
people always give feedback for smile
Seldom people keep smile when you are smiling

See with the smile, you make people smile
How's the simple way to give the happinest
Because in this time rare people used it
The simple way to make you happy

Smile smile smile I'm always smiling
Smile smile smile make me happy
Smile smile smile make be health
Because I have wonderful smile

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The Adventure Miss Stubborn and Her Friends Part 4

Miss Stubborn and her friends were lose and they were panic because when they see on their back, they see nothing. Mr Dizzy was blamed her because she was selfish.

Miss Stubborn say sorry about that. But Mr Dizzy was so damn mad with her. Making Miss Stubborn cried.

"Ok friends take easy, we already make commitment so enjoy it. We can go home when the time is right," said Mr Cheers who always happiest in the world, he always think anything have reason.

Miss Sunshine try to make Miss Stubborn stop crying. "Everything will ok, we must continue our journay."

Mr Dizzy want back but he's also confused and scare so he just follow them with the many confusing think in his mind.

After 30 minutes walking and never stop. They find a pond and that's wonderful place. So they decided to make tents there.

To be continue
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Hunting a Perfect Man?

Hi ladies, I'm keep my words to explain how you can find your "a perfect man" if you want perfect you must be perfect first, can you?

So if you can't so change your mind to get Mr Right. Tips for you ladies.

1. Search the man who healthy and care with his health.

Why you need healthy man. Because the healty man will have the healthy mind. Mind and body are one part. He must care his health.

For example he's not drugs manner or alcoholic, heavy smoker. Is he not car himself how he will care of you.

So find man who care about the healty first.

2. He must love his family, so he know to belove.

How a man will love you if he doesn't love his family (parents). Is it imposible? Find a man who respect with his family and he will respect with you too.

3. He must honest

How you can fall in love with someone who never honest. If he always be liar how come you can trust him.

So find someone who honest about anything even it make you hurt or dissapointed but he tell his secret about it and you must respect it before come to next level.

4. He love you and you love him

Find someone who love you and you love him too. It must balance. How you can fall in love with someone who never feel the same. You just get the hurt everyday.

So stop it now before you come to the next level.

5. He is responsible

The responsible is general but how if he's not responsible about his life. Of course he will do same with you.

Find someone who always being responsbile in his life (career, family, friendship and so on)

6. He is caring and lovely

What's important to find the man. He must care and lovely and that's the best man you deserve get it.

7. He's romantic

This is important to get romantic man so your love will more n more everyday.

The romantic man isn't always get the romantic dinner but he always act you like a special woman and always give you a little suprise.

For example you find the cute card in your book when you are reading the book. He always say "I Love U" with the heart not just say it.

So Mr Right will be Mr Perfect :)
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Cobaan Sebelum Menikah

Anne sedang duduk menunggu temannya. Temannya mengajak temuan di cafe di sekitar lingkungan tempat temannya tinggal.

"Maaf menunggu lama," tutur Liana.

"That's ok," jawab Anne sambil tersenyum,"Cafenya nyaman koq."

Liana duduk termenung. "Ada apa?"

"Aku bingung mesti bagaimana?"

"Bukannya seharusnya kamu berbahagia? Bukan kah rencananya kamu akan segera menikah?"

"Itu lah aku bingung! Apa harus aku batalin saja?"

"Ssttsss, kenapa? Tak boleh bilang begitu."

"Habisnya, aku dapat kabar dia selingkuh."

"Masa? Kabar dari siapa?"

"Temanku yang di Manado. Dia jalan dengan perempuan lain."

"Mungkin teman kali, jangan buruk sangka dulu."

"Mesra dan mereka dinner bareng."

"Itulah, jika pacaran jarak jauh agak sedikit repot. Tapi kamu sudah menanyakannya."

"Sudah. Dia bilang hanya teman tapi aku gak percaya."

"Kamu lebih percaya teman kamu dibanding pacar kamu sendiri? Apa kamu dekat dengan teman kamu?"

"Enggak dekat seh tapi aku bingung. Karena dia malah marah-marah dan menuduhku selingkuh juga. Padahal gak ada."

"Sudah, lebih baik biarkan dirimu tenang. Setelah itu baru bicarakan baik-baik."

Anne menambahkan, "Biasanya menjelang pernikahan memang berat. Karena akan banyak cobaan dan permasalahan yang datang. Ini ujian jadi bersabar ya."


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Friendship is Never End

Having many friends are wonderful
Having best friends are magical
Because friendship is never end
You will need your friend in bad and good time

When you have problems and lonely
The first time you call the best friend
You just need place to shared it
That's friendship is never end

But just a little people know that
Many people don't know about friendship
The benefit when you have friends
The best friends who support you

When you are angry with your lover
Your friend will here to making you well
When you have problems on work
You need friend to hear your problem

In alive have best friend and lover
The best moment in your life
Because sosial relationship is need it
But just a few people understand that

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You are a man...
Come and leave without sound
You are a man...
Give love and sad in the same time

Man ah man, I don't believe you anymore
Until I meet you, the special man
Who give smile inside and outside
Making my blue day became shine

Man oh man, how lucky I'm
Getting know you everyday
Making smile in my day everday
Man oh man, you make me believe

I'm still deserve to find soulmate
I'm still deserve to be happy
I'm still deserve to rise my dream
Man oh man can you be real

Real in my true love and my life
Real to be my lover forever
Real to touch and see you everyday
And promise never leave me

Man oh man many women there
And you choose me to be yours
Don't ever leave me when I need you
And I will never leave you too....

I'm so happy you to be my man
See your smile make my day colorfull
You have your own style to be lover
And making me love and love you more

Man oh man, I just want you to be my man
Because I'm already fall in love with you
You are the man I desire to be mine
I love you because you have wonderful heart

None of man has heart like you
Trust, lovely and honest in the world
That's my man who I love and need it
And I fall in love with you everyday

I wish you will feel the same
Like I desire and feel it about you
Because you are the man I want
I want spend all my life with you

PS. Mmmm making poem so nice but I don't have talent to make poem uh uh so sad

Tanjungpinang 14-9-2012
00.00 am
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