Oktober 31, 2012

Evening Song

After back from church, feel so cold on the street. Making bread with sugar and drink ginger milk. Plus listening song from Jewel.

I decided this is evening song for this night on this blog. Enjoy the lyric.

JEWEL - What You Are Lyrics

Send "What You Are" Ringtone to your Cell

I'm driving around town
Kind of bored with the windows rolled down
See a girl on a bus stop bench
Dressed to draw attention

Hoping everyone will stare
If she don't stand there she think she'll disappear
Wish I could hold her, tell her, show her
What she wants is already there

A star is a star, it doesn't have to try to shine
Water will fall, a bird just knows how to fly
You don't have to tell a flower how to bloom
Or light how to fill up a room
You already are what you are and what you are is beautiful

Heard the story the other day
Took place at the local VA
A father talking to his dying son
This was his conversation

It's not supposed to be like this
You can't go first, I can't handle it
The boy said, dad, now don't you cry
Remember when I was a child what you used to tell me
When I'd asked why it take

Gravity is gravity, it doesn't try to pull you down
Storm is storm, it can't help but hold its ground
Wind just blow as though you can see
It's everywhere like I'll always be
You already are what you are and what you are is strong enough

Look in the mirror, now that's another story to tell
I give love to others but I give myself hell
I have to tell myself in every seed there's a perfect plant
Everything I hoped to be I already am

A flower is a flower, it doesn't have to try to bloom
Light is light, just knows how it'd fill a room
And dark is dark so the stars have a place to shine
The tide goes out so it can come back in matter of time

Goodbye makes alone so sweet
And love is love so we can teach us
We already are what we are and what we are is beautiful
And strong enough and good enough and bright enough
Smile Always®

Oktober 30, 2012


Wow, this is new style of scammar. Be carful readers. Because they already smart now


Keep Smile Always®

-----Original Message-----
From: FedEx Courier Service <johsepk@live.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 03:42:35
Reply-To: fedex.couriercompany@aol.com
Subject: Hello......

The Evening Song Before Sleeping

Before sleeping, I'm hearing a few songs and I decided for the evening song on blog. This song! From Nataline with the title when God made you.

Read the lyric, so nice :)

When God made you – Natalie Grant/Newsong W.

It's always been a mystery to me
How two hearts can come together
And love can last forever
And now that I have found you I believe
That a miracle has come
When God sends a perfect one

Now gone are all of my questions about why
And I've never been so sure of anything
In my life

Oh, I wonder what God was thinking
When He created you
I wonder if He knew everything I would need
Because He made all my dreams come true
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me

I promise that wherever you may go
Wherever life may lead you
With all my heart I'll be there too
And from this moment on I want you to know
I'll let nothing come between us
And I will love the ones you love

Now gone are all of my questions about why
And I've never been so sure of anything
In my life


And every song, and every move
To harmonize and cover tune
One can't do without the other
The beaters have to be together
And I, just now, I know it's true
You're for me and I'm for you
Cause my world just can't be right
Without you in my life


He must have heard every prayer
I've been praying
Cause He knew everything I would need
When God made you (I thank God He made you)
(Yes, He did… Yes, He did)
When dreams come true
(You are my love, my love)
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me

Keep Smile Always®

Pic for Laugh

When I was looking my friends profile picture on blackberry  I found something funny.

The first, when I'm looking. I don't understand what's mean. I just think it food! Then when I look again for a while. That pic make me smile.

So I decided to upload it and shared pic for smile on evening time. I bet all of you already tired. After working all day. Have a nice night readers.

Keep Smile Always®


Entah kenapa, aku sangat merindukannya :( . Aku seperti kehilangan sosoknya. Meskipun seharusnya awal November ini, ia datang, tetapi karena kesibukan tidak bisa.

Aku merindukannya, sudah berapa hari ini aku tidak melihatnya. Itu karena kesalahanku yang tidak mereload internet plan. Tapi tak apalah. Aku simpan rindu ini seorang untuknya.

Keep Smile Always®

Fw: 150.000.00 GBP

Mmmmm again

Keep Smile Always®

-----Original Message-----
From: "AFFILIATED OFFICE OF FREELOTTO U.K" <claimsdpt_lotto@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 01:40:42
Reply-To: fclaimdpt@in.com
Subject: 150.000.00 GBP

Nice Word

Keep Smile Always®

Sarapan itu Penting!

Bangun tidur, kali ini tidak bisa mandi sinar mentari pagi. Karena cuaca dingin! Karena kesibukan, akhirnya tidak sempat sarapan.

Pada jam 10.30, aku tidak bisa konsentrasi, bawaan lemas dan lapar. Nah, benarkan sarapan itu sangat penting. Karena pada pagi hari, tenaga yang kita keluarkan sangat banyak. Jadi isi energi terlebih dahulu, sebelum beraktivitas :)

Keep Smile Always®

It back :( ☹☹☹☹

Setelah sekian lama, muncul lagi bentolan-bentolan kecil pada paha kananku.

Bentolan itu kian mengembang, seakan-akan alergi terhadap sesuatu. Kalau orang Jawa bilang biduran. Untungnya, aku sudah mengetahui obat untuk mengatasi rasa gatal akibat munculnya butiran-butiran yang kecil dan berubah menjadi besar.

Morning Song in Cold Morning

I choose this song as morning song today. Enjoy the song from Westlife with the title of my love.

An empty street
An empty house
A hole inside my heart
I'm all alone
The rooms are getting smaller

Morning Time

Good morning.... I wake up and feel so great. Maybe last night was raining. Because when I open the door, I can see the flowers already wet. Yippiew this morning I don't have to showering them.

Oktober 29, 2012

Simple and Fast

Hi Readers...................

What do you think with my new blog? Is simple and fast to open right?

Yes I wish the same like you too.....  Today in Tanjungpinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia the weather is hot but in afternoon time, the weather change to be raining. But it is not to long, just a half hour, but good enough for me because I don't need to showering the flowers again :)

Today, I also talk with my Red, sound Red also so tired because Red is building deck. I wish Red will keep healthy and strong!!!!!

I am also happy too, even I cant open internet like I want too because  I just can open blogger, Google but can't open what I searched it. But it is good enough too.

So, what do you think about my new look blog on diary-citra. I wish you will like to visit and visit again lol.

Have a good Monday!

Citra Pandiangan

Dinner Time so Early

Makanan sederhana menemaniku malam ini. • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. Mum

Keep Smile Always®

Miss Red so Much

Making relationship isn't easy. Have many problem in it, but when we can pass it with success and everything will be easy.

All Day Change Style

I don't like to used my old style templated on blogger. So I decided to change it.

Almost long time never change the looked. Then finally I can find good style, simple and I love too

Keep Smile Always®

Berjemur Dibawah Matahari

Terkadang kita lupa panasnya mentari pagi masih menyehatkan kita. Tetapi kita enggan sinar ultraviolet itu akan merusak kelembaban dan juga warna kulit kita.

Sebenarnya pada pagi hari, sinar mentari ini sangat menyehatkan. Membuat kulit kita jadi semakin segar dan juga banyak mengandung vitamin yang baik bagi tubuh.

Jam berapa kita pantas untuk menikmati sinar matahari? Benar! Jam 6 sampai jam 8-9 yang masih bebas kita nikmati.

Oktober 28, 2012

Serahkan Kuatirmu

Segala perkara dapatku tanggung di dalam Dia yang memberikanku kekuatan.

Tuhan selalu memberikan kita jalan keluar dari segala persoalan kehidupan.

Keep Smile Always®

Response Needed!!

mrsjoybrooke01@ymail.com again new style for thief lol

------Original Message------
From: Mrs Joy Brooke
To: info@board.com
ReplyTo: mrsjoybrooke01@ymail.com
Subject: Response Needed!!
Sent: Oct 28, 2012 9:04 PM

Attention: Email Account Holder,

Congratulations!! Congratulations!!

Picture for Thinking

In bbm  from my friends, sometimes they put many-many and many funny picture.

Oktober 26, 2012

Kue Lapet

Tea break? Mmmmm I love to eat kue lapet ala Java (traditional cake from Indonesia).

Keep Smile Always®

Afternoon Lunch

Lontong plus rendang ayam mmm yummy lho. Sudah makan siang kah?

Afternoon Song

When making cake, I'm hearing this song. So, I decided this afternoon song for the hot weather here on Bintan Island.

"Walking in the Rain"

By A1

Walking In The Rain"


Morning Food

Today I really want to eat this one :) mmmm so yummy and "healthy" if not eat every day lol :)

Being Model? No Way!

Again, someone offer me to be model. In this time as model calender on Greece. Of course I rejected because that's not my life lol :)

Maybe they get my email when blogging and sent me. Do you want to be my model?

I just smile, this person is crazy. I'm not perfect to be model. This person offer me.

Then I asked. What kind of model.

Mmm bikini model. Wow, is a few time people offer me to be model and of course I rejected because that's not my style to show my body to people :)

Winning Batch NO: GH838QPV

Again :) New style from huw143@mail.usask.ck
Keep Smile Always®

From: "Wang, Hu" <huw143@mail.usask.ca>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 18:23:20 +0000
Subject: Winning Batch NO: GH838QPV

Google Incorporation®.
5 Victoria Street,
London  SW1H 0ET
United Kingdom.

A few People Never Give Up

Mmmm everyday my email since I put my email on this blog! I always get the scam email or the fake email. In this time from Info@winners.org

Many style to get money from people. Yes a few people never give up to stolen many. A few of them don't need to work-hard to get money. They do easy way to get it. I'm so pity of them.

Oktober 25, 2012

Selamat Idul Adha

Bagi teman-temanku dan juga pembaca setia -macam betul aja- blog Diary-Citra dan Hal-Wanita. Citra mau ucapin Met Idul Adha.

Wah tak terasa ya, waktu cepat sekali berlalunya.

Ps. Jangan lupa minta rendangnya....
Smile Always®

Yuk Datang KKR Pemuda Tanjungpinang

Memiliki waktu luang? Kenapa tidak datang saja ke KKR Pemuda Tanjungpinang yang kedua. Pelaksanaannya sudah berjalan tiga hari.

Malam ini, adalah hari keempat. Tidak terasa ya? Jadi. Datang saja langsung ke Jalan Bridjen Katamso. Malam ini kita akan membahas mengenai stress dan banyak hal lainnya.

Tidak ada ruginya lho!!!! Kehidupan ini selalu dibumbui dengan namanya tekanan kehidupan yang bisa membuat stres, seperti ketidakpastian!

Ups akan dibahas lebih lanjut nanti malam. Intip saja nanti malam ya (˛•̃•̃)/

Smile Always®

Are You Stress?

Mmmm every body always get stress in alive, financial issue, family issue, friends issue and so on, can make you are getting stress.

Ok, come to healty seminar at Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Tanjungpinang to hear this seminar about stress and many things.

I will explain there tonight, free of church. Just come and listen and you will feel freedom after hearing that. :)

Morning Song

Hi readers, good morning :) today in Bintan is hot. So, I decided to hear this song for the morning song.

"How deep is your love" from Bee Gees.

Still remember the lyric or the song? O.k I give you the lyric here :) have a nice day

"How Deep Is Your Love"

I know your eyes in the morning sun
I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
And the moment that you wander far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again

And you come to me on a summer breeze
Keep me warm in your love and then softly leave
And it's me you need to show
How Deep Is Your Love

How deep is your love, How deep is your love
I really need to learn
'Cause we're living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

I believe in you
You know the door to my very soul
You're the light in my deepest darkest hour
You're my saviour when I fall
And you may not think
I care for you
When you know down inside
That I really do
And it's me you need to show
How Deep Is Your Love

How deep is your love, How deep is your love
I really need to learn
'Cause we're living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

And you come to me on a summer breeze
Keep me warm in your love and then softly leave
And it's me you need to show
How Deep Is Your Love

How deep is your love, How deep is your love
I really need to learn
'Cause we're living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me
[Repeat fading out
Smile Always®

Part of Novel Simpul Terujung

''Don't be so sad and never give up,'' lanjutnya, ''Ellen, you are one of a good my employees, so don't look so blue or disappointed. Everything will be Ok.''
Usai mengatakan itu, Raymond berdiri, ''Ok dear, I must go home right now,'' katanya, ''Take a rest and see you tomorrow.''
Aku pun juga turut berdiri, ''Thanks Raymond, I will remember that.''
Dipeluknya aku. ''I know you're strong woman and keep spirit, don't make this problems destroy your life.''
Usai pernikahan adikku, aku tidak tahan dan tidak bisa berkonsentrasi saat bekerja. Perasaanku masih hancur, jadi aku mengambil cuti seminggu. Uh, keluhku dalam hati, pesta pernikahan seharusnya jadi milikku, malah menjadi pesta pernikahan adikku. Karena itu, aku masih tidak tahu harus berbuat apa dengan hidupku dan aku merasa malu. Aku merasa tak berdaya menghadapi persoalan ini seorang diri. Hidupku hancur berantakan. Dunia kusuram.

Do you want to know more, buy the novel! Will be on ebook soon with english version
Smile Always®

Part of Novel Simpul Terujung

''Kamu kan sering melakukan hubungan seks bebas. Bisa saja itu bukan anakku!'' bantah Jack tak kalah cepatnya. ''Karena aku lelaki yang bertanggungjawab dan Ellen memintaku untuk mempertanggungjawabkan itu. Aku akan bertanggungjawab,'' suaranya menderu, ''Aku akan menikahimu. Setelah anakmu lahir, kita bercerai,'' lanjut Jack meluap-luap, ''Aku akan tetap membiayai semua keperluanmu.''
Saat Jack berkata seperti itu, aku masuk ke dalam. Jack kaget saat melihatku masuk ke dalam rumahku sendiri. ''Ellen,'' ujar Jack serba salah.
Aku memalingkan wajah, benci melihat mereka berdua, sakit hati itulah yang tepat aku rasakan. ''Lanjutkan saja urusan kalian,'' ujar ku acuh tak acuh, ''Aku hanya mau mengambil beberapa barangku dan pergi dari sini.''
Saat aku melangkahkan kaki ke dalam, Audrey menyusulku. Pandangannya bingung, ''Maksudmu apa kak Ellen,'' tanyanya, ''Kamu mau meninggalkan rumah ini?''
Smile Always®

Part of Novel Simpul Terujung

Kembali Jack menyandarkan tubuhnya, bingung. Setiap kali tidak tahu harus berbuat apa, Jack selalu memandang keluar, matanya menelusuri jalan yang semakin ramai. ''What's my wrong, honey,'' tanyanya bingung. ''Aku tahu, kamu sedang bingung. Karena sedang menghadapi persoalan pra wedding. Aku pernah baca mengenai ini dimajalah.''
''I am not confusing. I just wanna know. What you has done with my sister, Audrey. She's pregnant because of you,'' kataku berusaha menekan rasa emosi ku.
''Apa? Dia hamil!!'' jerit Jack tak percaya.
''Yes, she's pregnant and that's your baby,'' sahutku sama frustasinya dengan Jack, ''That's true. Audrey tell me everything about your secret relationship and about your sex with her.''
Jack tidak bergeming. Dia hanya menutup wajahnya dan berharap aku tidak mengatakan itu. ''How dare you do this! Why?'' kataku berusaha untuk tidak meneteskan air mata didepan lelaki bajingan ini.
''Aku…. Aku minta maaf,'' ujar Jack bergumam, ''Aku tidak bermaksud demikian. Sungguh,'' tutur Jack sambil mencoba meraih tanganku.

Smile Always®

Simpul Terujung Novel I

Simpul Terujung

Jam baru menunjukan pukul 11.00 WIB, aku mencoba membolak-balik berkas sebelum menyusunnya menjadi satu, memeriksa tiap detail tulisan yang tertera dalam kertas putih. Rencananya berkas ini akan segera di letakan di meja manajer untuk meminta persetujuan even yang akan diselengarakan minggu depan.
Aku terkejut, saat seseorang membuka pintu ruang kantorku yang terbuat dari kayu jati tanpa mengetuk terlebih dahulu. Kucoba melihat sosok yang datang dengan terburu-buru. Ah, ternyata Audrey, adikku. Kedatangannya saat itu tidak pernah kuharapkan. Aku tidak bisa menutup rasa terkejutku, saat dia mampir ke tempat kerjaku. Tidak biasanya, dia datang ke kantorku, bahkan penampilannya cukup berantakan, tetapi tidak bisa menutup kecantikannya.

Odi, My Nephew

She's smart kid and I do already miss her. Is she cute?

Smile Always®

The Words

I really want you back and say the words "I Love You". When I say "Love You More."

Mmmm you will teas me with this is words. "No way, it is imposible because I love u more and more."

Then I will answer: "Ok, you love me more than I love you ;)"

I wish everything will be o.k with our relationship. I wish you will hope the same.

Smile Always®


Jika cinta itu menyakitkan, kenapa aku masih mencintai
Jika cinta itu hanya air mata, kenapa aku masih menginginkan
Jika cinta itu menghancurkan, kenapa aku berharap keajaiban
Jika cinta itu melelahkan, kenapa aku masih mengejarnya.

Cinta, cinta dan cinta
Jika cinta membuat bahagia, sisakan sedikit rasa itu tuk ku
Jika cinta itu penuh cahaya, berikan sepenggal cahaya itu
Jika cinta penuh senyuman, katakan padaku
Karena aku ingin merasakan hal yang sama

Cinta itu penuh pengorbanan, jika demikian aku kan lakukan
Cinta itu penuh lika-liku, jika demikian genggam tanganku
Mari kita lalui kehidupan yang sukar bersama

Smile Always®

Love is Never Wrong!

Yesterday I was so sad, when he said many things about our relationship. I didn't know why he does this to me! What's my wrong to him?

He said He Loves me but yesterday to much tears on my eyes. Maybe he also feel so sad and upset. I guess yes! That was why he tired to make me away from his life. He didn't want me to be unhappy with him.

I didn't understand, why so easy to say that. Just thinking about that make my tears blow up again. I just want to be happy, is it wrong?

If he can't come on first November because of work, I do understand. Then he can't come for the last November. That's ok. He said he will busy until 15 December at work as leader. That's ok. He can come after that and spend day with me even just a few days. Maybe I'm to much pressure him to come and make him doesn't want me anymore?

Yea maybe I'm wrong! I wish today he is getting better with his style I know as well. 5 months isn't short time to know him and his family. I already like his kids and his family too. His sister is nice person.

Ah God, please help us to make our relationship work and he can come without feeling guilty. I just want to meet him, is it wrong? Because I know he has a good heart.

Smile Always®

Bag Papers?

In this time many strange email come to my inbox. One from Xianglian@vip.163.com you can see the email he/she sent to me

Dear sir
Glad to hear that you're on the market for paper bags .
Guangzhou shineland packaging Co .,Ltd here ,which specializes in all kinds of paper bags for 7 years ,with the good quality and pretty competitive price .
I'm Jean chan,
Should you have any inquiries ,just pls do not hesitate to contact us , we will return back to you with our quote soon.
hope we can get a good cooperation and to be friends .
Tks & B.R
Good day !
ANN Chan

The funny things. I'm not selling paper bag! Is it so stranger? How he/she know I'm market the paper bag if I never sell the paper bag. The funny thing, I'm still making my shop for hand-made bags from batik fabric.

As I remember I never search information about paper bag and leave my email there. So readers just beware O.K

Smile Always®

Many Fake Email Sent to me

This email raycollinsdesk1@yahoo.co.jp pretended from Microsoft National Lottery Award. Since yesterday, he sent me almost 5 email with same title and this night. When I wake up and see my phone. I got more than 5 email from this guy.

Why? He thinks maybe many stupid people who believe that! Silly man, want get money from cheat!

Microsoft National Award End Of Year Promo 2012 provide us below

Beneficiary Name:
Mobile Number:

You have to provide us Above details to Mr. Ray Collins For Claims
E-mail: raycollinsdesk@yahoo.co.jp

For readers, I know because many of you also search data about this guy. Just beware and smart to see it!

Smile Always®

Oktober 24, 2012

Will Stop Count

Maybe I'm making him nervous coz I count the day. In this time his plan mess because he said he will busy 2 months. Can't take holiday.

I understand that, the job is important because he's the leader from the team at his work.

I just wish he can take his holiday and come as soon as possible. Today we are sharing about that. Even some his words is getting me hurt and maybe my words is getting his hurt. I wish it will make our relationship getting better.

We already 5 months!!! Wish will be more longer then everybody in our life. So I will stop count the days and waiting him come, without I realise maybe he will give me wonderful suprise

Smile Always®

Funny n Romantic

Smile Always®

Pic for laugh

kƋkƋkƋkƋ=)) =)) so funny

Smile Always®

Berpikir Positif

Aku akan menjadi sukses.

Usaha yang sedang kurintis akan berjalan lancar.

Cinta yang kuharapkan akan menjadi nyata.

Belajar hal baru menjadikanku berarti.

Aku sehat dan aku beruntung.

Status single bukan halangan tuk maju!

Aku memiliki sahabat yang mendukung

Kerja keras selalu membuahkan hasil.

Aku tidak takut sendirian, karena Yesus selalu menemaniku.

Rencanaku tak kan berjalan jika Tuhan tak berkehendak.

Tuhan memiliki rencana yang baik.

Ini adalah air mata terakhirku untuk harapan kosong.

Smile Always®


Manusia merencanakan tetapi Tuhan juga yang menentukan! Tuhan tolong berikan kami kemudahan.

Seharusnya 6 hari lagi, dia datang tetapi ditunda karena kesibukannya hingga akhir November. Jika itu tertunda lagi, aku tidak tahu :( sedih banget! Karena aku ingin bertemu dengannya -lagi-

Jika awal Desember atau pertengahan desember. Aku tidak ingin banyak berharap lagi. Takut, aku takut kecewa lagi!!!! Sedih hati ini sudah cukup. Takut jika berantakan lagi. Kenapa aku selalu mendapatkan keinginan yang harus kulewatkan.

Smile Always®

God Give Me Strong

When I say I'm so weak and God say I will give you power!
When I say I'm so lonely and God say, l always company you!
When I say I'm nothing and God say, you are special!
When I say my plan so mess and God say, I have good plan for you
When I say I'm so stress and God say I will give you the way!
When I say I'm hopeless and God say I will give you hope
When I say nobody want to be with me, God say I will sent someone special for you

God, You always give me the way to find out all my problems
God, You always give me power to make me strong every time I have problem
God without You, I'm nothing!!!!

• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For blessing me every day
• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For remind me how useful I am
• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For make me stronger every time I feel so weak
• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. To be my friend when I feel so lonely and no one care of me
• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For company me when I'm sad and happy
• · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. For every thing You done for me

Smile Always®

Oktober 23, 2012

Nomor Hp Pria Gatal

Malam ini no ponselku di ganggu dengan no ini +6285834319235

Karena miscall2 tak jelas. Jadi aku angkat tapi aku biarkan saja! Terus dia SMS yang tak senonoh.

Nah! Ayo, siapa lagi yang usil di tengah malam. Biar aku masukan no ponselnya di blog ini!
Smile Always®

Funny think

For laugh and think

Smile Always®

My Dream Sewing Mechanie

Memiliki 19 pola jahitan, 4 langkah pelubang kancing, Pemutar bobbin otomatis, semi obras, semi neci, bordir, lobang kancing, pasang kancing, resleting

Semoga bisa terbeli secepatnya! Bulan depan kursus jahit (˛•̃•̃)/ senangnya hatiku. Setidaknya hal itu bisa mengusir luka lara akan kedatangannya yang kian tak pasti

Smile Always®

I got Flue

My body so weak almost 2 weeks. I didn't know what happen! In early morning pray at 4 am. I got flue until this time.

Even my body so weak, I'm still keep go to KKR. Go to church because I don't wanna lose the cermon. Because my soul need it, to make me still keep believe God still exsist and always help the people who need it.
Keep Smile Always®


Pengen makan ini

Keep Smile Always®

Never Give Up

Sebelum membuka usaha hand-made bags. Aku belajar menjahit dan membuat tas. Sampai-sampai aku mematahkan jarum menjadi tiga bagian!

Tanganku memar semua, tapi itu tidak mengurangi minatku untuk tetap berusaha!!!
Keep Smile Always®

Oktober 22, 2012

#40days For Love

Keep Smile Always®

I Miss You

I put this pic from my friend  because I'm really miss you. This morning my mum ask me again.

"He will come here or no?"

I said : "Yes, he will come mum."
I can say that because he already make sure me, he want to come here. Already fix and make me so happy. • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡. God! Even the day is mess, but he will come and I can't wait to meet him soon.

Keep Smile Always®

Oktober 19, 2012

I like this words

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My Story

I was making story for contest writing for one of magazine in Indonesia. Will sent it on monday. Already prints, form participant already write and sign.

Just need one thing, burning the file story on CD. Then sent to Mr Postman and waiting on first December to get information.

But my novel for amore contest novel still not finish. Ah I wish will be finish first November or first week on November.
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"I'm not High"

What do you look at there
I'm not too high to make you like that
Look at me on down coz I'm here

I'm not in the sky
Don't to much look sky with that style
Will make your neck sore
I'm far away but I'm near inside your heart

Don't do like that when you are cry
Because I like to see your tears
But I'm more like the smile on it
Make me feel better and happy

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The First Pencils Bag

This is the first time I made pencils bag and need 2 days to finish it.

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Akan kah?

Melihat  siska, tetangga dari Balikpapan. Sedang dilamar sang pujangga. Sungguh romantis (˛•̃•̃)/

Cinta itu tidak hanya ada dalam dongeng tetapi juga dunia nyata! Akan kah giliranku mendapatkannya juga?

Red akan melamarku dengan adegan romantis :) ngarep.com
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I like This Words

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#43 days For Love

God, time is so fasther then I realise. Please bless us with our plan. Today, we were crying coz to much something on our minds.

Please make me stronger every day. I'm afraid sometimes.
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The First Rose

When I'm making bag for excerices to make home industry, making me exciting and wish this will work. I will work hard to keep practice and November or December I can sell a few of bags.

God bless me for my plan. I'm nothing without You
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Uang buat ngijing mbah

Dapat kiriman foto duit dari  untuk membuat kuburan rumah mbah kakung dan mbah putri.

Terimakasih tuk sepupu2 yang peduli tapi maaf kali ini aku tidak mengambil peran karena lagi krisis. Mudahan smua rencana berjalan lancar ya tuk membangun kuburan mbah.
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Simple Right

The words simple but difficult to do is...




Ps. Did you already tell your lover this words?
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Oktober 18, 2012

Miss Beach

When I know Red always spend day on beach. Making me miss beach. Ah, when I have time again to relax on beach

Look the blue sky and hear the sound of waves. Just looking the view is make me happy.
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