Maret 31, 2013

Saturday Fun at Church and Outbond

This Sabbath, I had fun there. why I said I was have fun, because saturday was special moment, every saturday. This is the day when I stay all day in God' house. So wonderful, after working 5 days and 1 day is special for God.
i was wearing this dress on saturday but my hair already long lol

Nah, the afternoon time after sermon at church, I am company the youngers and kids went to the Senggarang for get the outbond activistes, back to nature. hehehe. We rent a transportation for pick us there. The funny things, because this transport already old, so when in the up, the transportation cant move. So the driver asked us to walked until up the street.

kids were waiting transportation to pick them to Senggarang

so we were walking and some kids monk and feel bad about the little trouble, including me hahahaha, because I was unwell, so walking make my energy less because the street up not strait so different.

We had got fun in the Senggarang, because many nice games there already prepare. Yea fun and tired even that, God will bless us in every time if we want to spend time to say gracefull about day, life and anything in ours life.

tired face

change dress to be simple tshirt n black pants

very tired n without make up, am i woman? lol

So Creative

Wow searching some project and i found nice blog and i would love to shared it the 20 creatives project, I am so glad when found this site. Although I cant make it and do like the instruction because i am not so talented like the people who have a good idea in their life.

Maybe some readers also want to peek that site and do the same too, would be great i guess. In many side world many smart and creative people and I wish one day I also can meet with one of the blogger in the world. Ah remaind me with Batam Blogger Community, past a go i ever exsist in that company but we just talk about blogger and shared to the students with the name blogger goes to school.

After that I moved to Bintan and I also made the community in here too, but the community is not active anymore. So, I am still blogging and blog walking till this time. Because, I found many interesting information and creativities i never know before. So, keep searching and get the knowledge about that.

greating from the lazy blog walking

My Stuff for "WAR"

Honestly, I never imagine I will change my career like this to be designer and also make small boutique. Yea, I ever imagine I have my own business but I never think will make dress by myself. My dream bussines is making cafe books.

I love to reading books hehehe, so I ever imagine it was like the movie "You've got Email" the movie about the traditional shop book vs the big company books store. Wow, that is movie so cool!! Ups, focus Citra hahaha, ok... would be nice if have book store including cafe in the book store. That is my dream when I was young hahaha, but my dream 180 derajat celcius change!!

Do I feel sorry about that???? What do you think? Of course I am not. It is like adventure for me. Because in my life, I never sew dress hahaha. Even my dress had broken and I just keep my dress in my cupboard hahaha. Can you imagine. Citra in past never touch pin and now, she is learning sewing.

Yea, when I got injure in my index fingers because many times the pin was injure my fingers. I ever think, I am so bad and I am also lucky!! I am not princess Aura who fall sleep when her finger got injure from pin. :p
 Yea, my life will be so bored if I never have nice imagination. Even, sometimes so cheecky and so "naughty" hahahaha but this is life. 

Ok, I want to shared my stuff for "WAR" because every day I always "WAR" to get nice dress hahahah I wish a day will be more than one dress :p

My stuff for sewing I already have is an scissors, many threads with some colors, rubber, fabric, lime, red and blue pencils, books, pens, ruler, angle ruler, tape measure, needle, paper to create a pattern, etc. I know my tools still not completed.

Even my stuff for "WAR" still not completed. but I am so proud I can make some dress from my less stuff. I don't care what people will talking about me. Because I am so excited and I don't wanna work for people. Even sometimes I miss to be worker in big company or also in newspaper company. 

One of my friend asked me a question a few days a go. "Citra, did you ever feel so guilty or sorry when you were resign from your journalist worked?"

What do you thinks guess? Am I sorry because I did resign? No. I never feel sorry about that. Actually I feel gracefull and happy. I can enjoy my time and never being stresses to think about to get commercial or advertisement from goverment or company; but I also not feel sorry i was worked as journalist almost  8 years.

Why? I will tell you one day hahaha..................

Maret 30, 2013

Multifungtion of Sewing Machine

I can't swim but I love company my friends in the pool
Preapre for making my own small shop, of course I must hunting some stuff to make it real. Then prepare the capital for that hahahaha.  Yea, my friends told me, I am so confidence about my dream and my future. Even I am still freelance for writer and yea the money is not enough for high class life lol.  I mean just enough for my balance internet and my cosmetic. Because I am still learning how to design dresses and sewing. When I am learning, I also got many problems and troubles too. But since 3 months I am learning, I know I can do it.

Ah, remind me when my mum call her sister (my aunty) and I hear what my mum said about me in the silent hahaha... "I don't believe it, Citra can sewing dress. She never try it before, when she was kid, I always finished her homework about skilss lesson. and now, she is learning and she has talent about that"

Wow, my mum never told me about this. She just give me bad critical about my result dresses when i made it. But I can't believe what i was hearing it hahahaha. Thanks mum to support me about what I want this time.
and the result about what I need to my business one day. The first of course the machine, sewing machine. Original machine sewing and also multifungtion of sewing machine for a while

I am very interesting from product machine, sewing machine from brother company. 

Why I am so intresting in this product of the sewing machine. Because this machine is multifungtion.

The Innov-is 950D computerized combination sewing and embroidery machine offers all the standard features you'd expect, plus advanced extras that make it the ideal machine for hobbyists of all skill levels. A built-in USB port allows you to easily import designs from the USB memory stick, expanding your design capabilities beyond the generous 105 built-in embroidery designs (35 of which feature Disney® characters). Take advantage of the 168 built-in sewing stitches, or make your own with the Brother exclusive My Custom Stitch™ feature! Whether monogramming specialty items with the built-in monogramming font, or embellishing crafts with the six built-in embroidery lettering fonts, your creativity has no limits when you use the affordable, easy-to-use NV-950D!
  • 105 built-in embroidery designs including 35 designs featuring Disney® characters
  • Easily import additional designs from your USB memory stick
  • 6 embroidery lettering fonts and 3 sewing lettering fonts
  • Exclusive My Custom Stitch™ Feature
  • Sew Nice Pic™ Frame for Added Customization
  • Hard Cover
  • Embroidery Design Boutique CD featuring 100 additional designs
  • Maximum embroidery area of 4" x 4"

Bed Area (Depth x Width) inches 5.5 x 13.1
Work Space (Height & Width) inches 3.9 x 5.3
Maximum Sewing Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 710
Knee Lifter No
Feed Dog 7
Back to Beginning Key No
Standard Presser Feet Included with Machine 8
Built-in Sewing Stitches (Includes Buttonhole Styles) 168
Buttonhole Styles 10 One-step
Built-in Sewing Lettering Fonts 3
Stitch Width 7mm
Stitch Length 5mm
My Custom Stitch™ Feature Yes
Side Feeding No
Start/Stop Button Yes
Speed Controller Yes
Twin Needle Setting Key Yes
Needle Position Key (Up/Down) Yes
Automatic Height Adjuster™ AHA® Feature No
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment Yes
Presser Foot Leveling Yes
Automatic Presser Foot Lifter No
Pivot Function No
Drop Feed/Free Motion Yes
Free Motion Quilting Foot Optional (additional purchase required)
Built-in Quilting Stitches No
Included Quilting Feet Optional (additional purchase required)
Free Arm Yes
Table Semi Wide (Embroidery Cover)
Specialty Feet Included Yes (Additional specialty feet may be available. See Optional Accessories)

Embroidery Features back to top
Maximum Embroidery Area (X x Y) 4" x 4"
Maximum Embroidery Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 400
Built-in Embroidery Designs (Non-License) 70
Built-in Embroidery Designs featuring Disney/Pixar® Characters 35
Built-in Frame Designs 10 Shapes x 12 Stitch Patterns
Trial Position/Layout Function Yes
Pattern Rotating 1, 10, or 90 Degrees
Design Connection Yes
Compatible with Brother Embroidery Software Yes
iBroidery®.com - Ready Yes. See for compatible designs

Accessory Storage Built-in
Carrying Case Hard case and embroidery arm cover
Included Accessory Feet Buttonhole foot, Overcasting foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot, Button fitting foot, Monogramming foot, Blindstitch foot, Embroidery foot
Table Semi-Wide/Embroidery Case
Other Included Accessories Seam ripper, bobbins including clips (4), needle set, twin needle, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, screwdriver, touch pen, spool caps (3), spool pin, spool net, scissors, disc-shaped screwdriver, accessory case, bobbin thread, picture frame, power cord, instructional CD and operation manual
Included Embroidery Hoops 1 (4" x 4") Additional hoops may be available; see Optional Accessories
Foot Controller Yes
Warranty 2/6/25 year premium warranty. See premium warranty for details.
UPC Code 012502624837
Machine Dimensions (H x W x D) 10.94" x 6.89" x 15.55"
Machine Weight 16.09 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D) 15.3" x 20.3" x 17.5"
Shipping Weight 28.2 lbs
UL/CSA Listed Yes, 110v
Compatible Media (requires separate purchase) Memory Card, Memory Stick


Maret 29, 2013

Happy Easter

AH, maybe some people busy to prepare the celebrate easter. Happy Easter to every body who is celebrate, specially Redly and the cute kids. Happy Easter for you all, the readers and my friends too....
Talking about the easter season remind me with my kids past time

I wanna shared it and I also miss my grandmother, but she was died in 1998 years ago, when i was kid. the celebrate of happy easter is our grandmother will hiding the egges which already painting and we were coloring it and early morning, our aunty and grandma will hiding it and all the grandchildren will be search it.

It was so fun and I love to do it when i have my small family one day and will invite the neigbore too so will be so more fun. Have a nice easter memories my friends, readers. God bless us.

guess which one me? hahahah I bet can't answer

This picture when i was kid, so cute and so small right..... I was so slim since kid and my body never more than 35 kilogram hahahaha... but now 49 kilograms so fat yea?

still fat yea?
I miss my past but the past cant get back. So, I just concentrate to my future even  I don't know which my future. I am still no have imagination for that

Women and Fashion

Good morning readers, yea I want to make my small business and i am searching nice name for my shopping online and I wish on May or July will be start. Because I am still learning design and sewing. I visited blog from one of woman who pretty and also the site is nice. Visit her site here.

I love their style and also their photografer and make me have a little idea hahaha, buy new camera. Because my old camera was broken two times i bought. Ah, cant wait to make my dream being come true soon.....

Thanks blogger and make us can inspiration and doing anything we want for our desire to writing, shared, fashion and many things we can do :) Love you blogger and I wish you never failed.You are the easy and different with other service free weblog I ever know it!!!


Many Ways to Lose Belly Fat

My Favorite Ways to Lose Belly fat

No White Carbohydrates: One of the best ways to lose belly fat and the #1 tip I could give you would be to avoid white carbohydrates and this includes breads, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas and fried foods.

Drink Cold Water:  Studies have found an increase in your metabolism when consuming cold water.  Next time you drink up be sure to throw some ice cubes in there, it may not make a huge difference but every little bit helps.  Also stay away from tap water!

Don't Drink Your Calories:  The only liquids you should be drinking are water and brewed green tea.  Everything else is extra calories and most "healthy" drink are loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Take An Essential Fatty Acids Supplement:  A 1997 study found those who consumed a fish oil supplement lost 314% more fat than the group that didn't consume one.  My favorite EFA supplement is Prograde EFA Icon.

Do More High Intensity Interval Training:  You've heard me say it before, according to a study HIIT workouts burn 900% more fat than traditional endurance based cardio programs.  Go here for my HIIT workout plan.

Lift Heavy Weights:  There have been numerous studies that have found those who used resistance training lost significantly more fat than the group that just did cardio.

Cut Some Calories:  One of the worst ways to lose belly fat are if you keep eating all the food you want, but you also don't want to starve yourself neither through constant caloric restriction.  Try to eat until you're 80% full at meals.

No Dairy:  A big tip for ways to lose belly fat would be to not consume dairy products because they do have a high insulimic index.  If you're happy with your weight then savor the occasional raw milk drink.

Absolutely No Sugar:  Sugar may taste great but like any kind of drug it isn't good for you.  It'll pack on the fat and make you feel sluggish, instead sweeten your foods with stevia which is a natural herb.

Avoid Hydrogenated Oils, Margarine or Fat Substitutes:  If you're going to use an oil for cooking then I highly recommend using macadamia nut oil, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Don't Overcook Your Veggies:  Try not to boil your vegetables or overcook them because it'll strip them of all their vital nutrients.  Eat your veggies raw or steam them for a little bit.

Lay Off The Booze:  General alcohol consumption isn't good for you body and will pack on the belly fat fast.  If you absolutely have to drink alcohol pick a dry red wine such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot or pinot noir.

Eat More Almond Butter:  Start replacing your peanut butter consumption with natural almond butter.  It has more nutrients and I personally think it tastes better as well.

Eat 5-6 Times A Day:  Grazing or having 5-6 smaller feedings throughout the day will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, provide your body with a constant stream of nutrients and prevent your body from getting too many calories at once.

Do More Compound Exercises:  Stop doing some many isolation exercises such as biceps curls and instead do more of the multi-joint compound exercises such as burpees, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats and push-ups.

Always Eat Breakfast:  Studies have found those who ate breakfast lost significantly more belly fat than those who didn't.  Try to aim for around 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up (I like whole eggs or a protein shake).

Have a Cheat Day:  Being able to eat whatever you want one day a week will not only help you psychologically but it'll also help raise falling leptin levels.  You're only limited to a cheat day once a week and you can't spread the meals out throughout the week!

Get Your Heart Rate Up:  To burn the maximum amount of calories and create a metabolic disturbance you're going to have to get your heart rate above 80% your BPM for at least 20 minutes per workout.

Eat More Organic Foods:  Although many blow off organic foods because they're "expensive" you're going to want to stay away from non-organic foods because the pesticides and other toxins in these foods will cause you to put on belly fat and feel sluggish.

Antioxidants Rule:  Eating more antioxidants is going to be key to keep out the damaging free radicals in your body.  Berries and beans are the best antioxidants foods out there.

Avoid Processed Foods:  Many processed foods are loaded with preservatives and sodium both of which are not one of the ways to lose belly fat.  Instead go for fresh and raw foods when possible.

Take a Multi-Vitamin:  In a perfect world we would get all of our nutrients from our food but instead of risking a malnourishment take a gender-specific multi-vitamin.

Eat Lots of Green Veggies, Less Fruit:  Some of the foods in my ways to lose belly fat are to eat more green veggies such as spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc. for their awesome fat burning potential but limit your fruit intake because it's loaded with fructose (another form of sugar).  And after extensive FDA research they found smoothies are not a food group!

Don't Workout Too Much:  Many people surprisingly overtrain by working out too much and this will cause them to keep on the belly fat and also psychologically reward themselves by cheating on their diet programs.  Try to workout 3-5 times per week for 45-60 minutes and make sure the exercise is intense like a dingo hunting down a baby.

Don't Keep The Cinnamon To A Minimum:  Eating cinnamon has been proven to help keep your blood sugar levels more stable when consumed with a before a meal.  Check out my cinnamon for weight loss post for the complete low down.

Eat More Protein:  Aim to get at least 20g of protein per meal and make sure you emphasize protein in your breakfast and post-workout meals.  Some of my favorite protein sources are chicken, flank steak, salmon, bass, protein shakes and turkey.  A lot my clients won't are not following my ways to lose belly fat because they're not getting enough protein in their diets.

Get More Sleep You Night Owl:  A study in the Annals Of Internal Medicine found those who had 7-9 hours of sleep burned 55% more fat than the group that had under 6 hours of sleep each night.  Try to get in bed by 10:00p or 10:30p to keep your body in it's natural circadium rhythms.

Do more workouts like the Spartacus Workout and Spartacus Workout 2.0.

Increase the Time Under Tension:  Ideally you'll perform an exercise for 45-60 seconds to maximize the time under tension your putting your muscles through.  This is really one of my favorite ways to lose belly fat and I recommend using a timer such as one in this Gymboss review to unattentively keep track of your work/rest sets.

Alternating Sets Rock:  Instead of doing one muscle group exercise back to back do alternating muscle group sets.  For example you can do burpees with push-up and then for the next exercise do pull-ups.  You'll be able to work harder and longer while the opposite muscle group rests and thus burn more belly fat.

Don't Be Lazy:  Adding in small activities throughout the day can add up to a lot of fat burning in the end.  Ride your bike more, take the stairs, walk your dog, plays sports and doing hill sprints are all excellent ways to add in more active exercise that's actually kinda fun

Resource : many website

I miss Yogyakarta

TIME sp fast and I really wanna back to Yogyakarta. The nice city and i never feel sorry I ever got my graduated from one academy in the students city, Yogyakarta is famous with the "Students City, (Kota Pelajar) because many campus and the price was so fleksibel. Depend on your badget.

Ah, when i was college in Yogyakarta,  I never went home when holiday, I always got adventure to many cities in Java, it was like Malang, Surabaya, Magelang, Rembang, Semarang, Surakarta, Solo and many cities but I can't remember all.  I have many memorries pictures, not all hahahaha because I seldom take pics when travelling.

This is some pictures i did to memorries my experience when to be the students in one of academy in Yogyakarta.

my friends and I in the Kragilan Boarding House

a few my friends and I in the class of the college

After graduated, we were celebrate on Prambanan Temple

I was in the Merbabu Mountain

With my best friends when in the college. Now, they already marriage and have kid

Maret 28, 2013

Cold Water in Hot weather

3 weeks in nice island has bad weather, hot weather and never rain! Can you imagine, yes very hot! To make hot a way, the cold water is like heaven in the hot weather.
Then I realise my belly is getting fat and me too. I mean my cheek and body. What's wrong? So I do search datas about that and I got good information and I want to shared it on my blog.
This article:
Think about how you feel when you are sitting on the beach on a nice warm day versus if you are walking around in the middle of a blizzard. Being at the beach we can run around in flip flops and shorts whereas in the winter we have to bundle up to our eyes just to stay warm. The cold, like winter, makes everything contract. We want to move away from the cold, get out of the cold, retreat from the cold.
The internal workings of the body work in very much the same way. While the ice coldness of a drink can feel very refreshing on a hot day we have to remember that the body is very open and receptive and moving beautifully when it is warm. If we add ice cold water to the system everything will begin to contract, slow down, and retreat.
Ice cold water, cold food like raw vegetables and treats like ice-cream will cause the stomach to slow down and the vessels of the stomach to contract. This contraction while momentary can still cause the digestion to slow itself down. This slowing down could cause the stomach to have food stagnation or over time what we call cold in the stomach.
What happens when the stomach is cold and slows down? The stomach is responsible for ripening and rotting the food. It then takes this broken down food and distributes it around the body. If the stomach is moving slowly and feels contracted, this food may stay there, take too long being digested and then getting fermented causing gas, bloating, belching, and aching. Additionally, if the body is not absorbing the nutrients often enough and in a timely manner then there can be a backup in the system. Perhaps constipation and a feeling of being swollen.
It's important to note that having one glass of ice water is not going to make you fat. Ice water on the system, long term however, can play a role in how your body digests and ultimately how your metabolism functions. The constant use of cold foods will cause the body's system to slow down, the metabolism will not be as affective and we can start to see food stasis, constipation and swelling of the body where there is an accumulation of fluids under the skin, or something we call dampness.
To keep our digestion and metabolism working in an industrious and stellar fashion you should do your best to avoid too much consumption of ice cold water. Start to train your body to drink room temperature water in between meals or 30 minutes after a meal as to not dilute the gastric juices while they are in full swing.
If you are dying for a little ice-cream in the summer, try to move the ice-cream around in your mouth for a little while to let it warm up before you swallow. You can take your yogurt out of the fridge for 10 minutes before you eat it to help warm it slightly before you consume it. Additionally, try to have warm foods and drinks with any meal that is cold and raw so that too much cold doesn't go in to the system at once.
We certainly don't live in a perfect world and there are many temptations to quench our thirsts and desires, however, being conscious of what you consume is half the battle. Enjoy your life and your food but be kind to your digestion in the process. We may not all be able to live at the beach year round, but if you are kind, your belly certainly can!

It's important to note that having one glass of ice water is not going to make you fat.


Mati Lampu Digigitin Nyamuk

Komplait sudah, mati lampu plus digigitin nyamuk. Padahal mau menyelesaikan baju


hit Obat nyamuk ampuh lindungin keluarga baca disini

REferensi tepat menggunakan obat nyamuk

Hot Weather

The weather so hot but I can't eat ice cream. Ggrrr is like go to the hell hahaha because ice cream is my favorite food.


Busy Thursday

Today I wake up with the sore throat and weak body. Because I'm not well. My body so unhealthy since a week. I guess more than a week, because Bintan island, Tanjungpinang city the weather is hottest then ever. Can you imagine? No rain since 3 weeks! Crazy hottest weather I ever feel.

Even that, I'm making pattern to my mum dress and her friend, Mrs. Tambunan. Already finish on the book but the problem is I must make it to the paper soon. After that cutting the fabric and sewing it.

Keep spirit Citra, ah today I also want to finish my yellow dress so tomorrow I mean saturday I can wear it to the church.

Simple design and nice dress will in process.


Ice Ice Ice


Wow, Many Tools for Sewing

Ups, I never imagine for making my small business still need research for many shop online plus the important is many tools for sewing. It is not just machine sewing but many things machine too. But for the machine still not so important because if have one machine i can still make dress hehehe, for the obras machine. No need to buy so fast, because many tailor can obras our dress with the good price for a while until have many capital.

But i am not talking about machine in this time, i am talking about tools. When I open the website from pinnes website, I found many unique tools for sewing. The first is the olfa rotary cutter

I also intresting with the loop lunner. yea, i don't know about this. Because I just use the simple tools like measuring clothes, clothes chalk, pencil dresses, straight ruler, ruler waist.

Ok, maybe I will post what stuff or tools I already have to make simple dress for a while because I am still learrning hehehehe.. I wish soon I can open my small business, shopping online for boutique and also taylor to get cash money soon hahaha. Plus, I also want to make book for how to make dress when I am already expart to make dresses with many styles.

This is the first time, I made dress for another woman size. Because already have promise to keep her face from publish, So I did make her face blurr hehehehe.... I wish I can be expart soon, my wish and i never give up even every time i was injure my fingers when learning sewing and design dress.

horrey finally I can do it.. wish soon be expart


Maret 26, 2013

Don't Be Afraid On July

Someone told me don't be afraid on July. Ok July is my birthday month. The first July always make me feel afraid. Because Do I ready my age became add one number. Now, i am 31 years old and on july i will be 32 years old. This always make me afraid because I am not ready if people always ask me many question since 5 years ago hahahaha. When you will marriage Citra, you already old and you are still keep single.

Oh my God, my must give such questions like that. But someone told me dont be afraid on July. Yea my best friend and lovely, Redly is right. I should not be afraid on that month. I can pass it every years and the important is, i always keep healthy and always getting more pretty and sexy hahahaha in my age of course.

narcist Citra, one of my friend told me, she said i am to much with the confidence about my life and myself. do I? hahaha dont know yet and I dont care what people think about me.

Morning with Smile

Morning time, just wake up from the beauty sleeping and hearing song life is beautiful from sountract the movie street dance. I love to hear the lyricks. A few days I was not update my blog because I was so tired and many stuff to do.

The important is i am still injure my fingers when i was sewing hahaha, so bad. Redly always remind me to careful with the pins but i did even care ful, i still keep injure my fingers without i realise it. Ah, last night my friend (my ex pathner when i was journalist) visit my house and ask me to company him to looking machine atm. Ah, so I company him because he was new in Tanjungpinang, his duty in Tanjunguban.

Then he told me, he already marriage and forget to invite me, so bad, hiks hiks. He is like my brother, he called me sister. we are close when he was joint in the same company in Batam as daily newspaper. Congratulation Memet, fat my friend hahaha. I wish you will be happiness in your new life.

How about me? Many people and friends ask the same question. maybe one day is my time, but not so fast hahaha. Today  I want to make yellow dress. Keep spirit on Tuesday and smile in morning time

Maret 24, 2013

Kehidupan Part 1

Sabtu kemarin, aku berkotbah meskipun bukan giliranku yang harus tampil. Tapi karena sudah berjanji kepada diri sendiri untuk melayani Tuhan, selama itu masih bisa dilakukan. Aku akan melakukannya. Mencari-cari bahan khotbah tetapi tidak dapat yang pas dan puji Tuhan didetik-detik terakhir hehehe lebai ah, di jam 5.00 am aku mencari bahan kotbah dan berhasi mendapatkannya.

Kehidupan Manusia

Kuatir Tidak Menyelesaikan Masalah

Seorang yang bijak, Sewaktu Ditanya Apakah yang Paling Membingungkan di Dunia ini ?
Beliau menjawab : “Manusia”, Karena dia “Mengorbankan Kesehatannya hanya “Demi uang”
Lalu dia “Mengorbankan Uangnya demi Kesehatan”
Lalu dia “Sangat kuatir” dengan “Masa Depannya” sampai dia “Tidak Menikmati Masa Kini” akhirnya dia “Tidak Hidup di Masa Depan atau pun di Masa Kini.
Dia “Hidup Seakan-akan Tidak Akan Mati”, lalu dia “Mati” tanpa “Benar-benar Menikmati” apa itu “Hidup”.
Jadi bagaimana dengan anda? Karena seharusnya kita harus berani tampil beda yang tidak sama dengan dunia ini. Karena kita tahu bahwa kekuatiran kita itu sama dengan ketidak percayaan kita kepada Tuhan. Karena Firman Tuhan jelas mengajar kita “Jangan kuatir’ karena ke-kuatiran kita tidak menyelesaikan masalah apapun dalam hidup ini…… Jadi mari kita belajar “Berserah” kepada Tuhan karena Rancangan-nya itu pasti Indah buat kita semua.

Kasihi Sesamamu
Seorang turun dari mobil mewah di depan kuburan umum. Ia berjalan menuju pos penjaga. Pria yg ternyata sopir itu berkata :”Pak, tolong temui wanita yang ada di mobil itu, karna tidaklama lagi ia akan meninggal!” Penjaga kuburan segera berjalan di belakangnya.
Seorang wanita lemah, berwajah sedih membuka pintu mobilnya, berusaha tersenyum kepada penjaga itu dan berkata,
“Saya Ny. Steven yang selama ini mengirim uang agar anda dapat membeli seikat bunga dan menaruhnya di atas makam anak saya.
Saya datang untuk berterima kasih atas kesediaan dan kebaikan anda.”
“Oh, Jadi Nyonya yang mengirim uang itu? Sebelumnya saya minta maaf, uang itu selalu saya belikan bunga tapi saya tidak pernah menaruh bunga itu di pusara anak Nyonya.”
Jawab pria itu.
“Apa?” Tanya wanita itu dengan gusar.
“Ya, karena org mati tidak akan pernah melihat keindahan bunga.
Karenanya saya berikan kepada mereka yang ada di rumah sakit, orang miskin yang saya jumpai, mereka yang sedang bersedih.
Orang hiduplah yang dapat menikmati keindahan dan keharuman bung-bunga itu, Nyonya” Jawab pria itu.
Wanita itu terdiam, kemudian ia & sopirnya pun pergi.
Tiga bulan kemudian, seorang wanita cantik turun dari mobilnya dan berjalan dengan anggun ke arah pos penjaga kuburan.
“Selamat pagi, apakah masih ingat saya? Saya Ny. Steven.
Saya datang untuk berterima kasih atas nasehat yang anda berikan dulu. Anda benar, bahwa memperhatikan dan membahagiakan yang masih hidup jauh lebih berguna daripada meratapi yang sudah meninggal.
Ketika saya langsung mengantarkan bunga-bunga itu ke rumah sakit atau panti jompo, bunga-bunga itu tidak hanya membuat mereka bahagia, tapi saya turut bahagia.
Sampai saat ini dokter tidak tahu mengapa saya bisa sembuh, tapi saya benar-benar yakin bahwa sukacita adalah obat yang memulihkan saya!”
Saudara, Jangan pernah mengasihani diri sendiri, karena akan membuat kita terperangkap di kubangan kesedihan. Dengan menolong orang lain kita sedang menolong diri kita sendiri..lakukan yg terbaik bagi sesama, lakukan yang terbaik seperti engkau melakukannya untuk dirimu sendiri. Tuhan memberkati

Berkah Atau Musibah

Mengubah Musibah Menjadi berkah

Dari Scotlandia, Clark dan istrinya berencana memboyong sembilan anak mereka untuk mengadu nasib di Amerika. Untuk mewujudkan impian ini, mereka mengumpulkan uang ubtuk ditabung. Setelah bertahun-tahun, akhirnya terkumpullah cukup uang untuk biaya perjalanan itu.
Seluruh keluarga sudah tidak sabar menunggu hari keberangkatan. Sayang, tujuh hari sebelum keberangkatan, anak bungsu mereka digigit anjing. Doktermenjahit luka anak itu, lalu memasang bendera kuning di depan pintu rumah Clarck. Hal ini dilakukan karena ada kemungkinan si anak terjangkit penyakit rabies. Untuk itu, dia harus dikarantina 14 hari lamanya.
Hilang sudah impian keluarga ini. Mereka tidak mungkin bisa berangkat ke Amerika sesuai rencana. Sang ayah menjadi sangat kecewa dan marah, saat melihat kapal berangkat menuju benua harapan – Amerika. Sang ayah menangis tersedu-sedu sambil mengomel kepada Tuhan karena kesialan yang disebabkan anaknya itu.
Lima hari kemudian, tersiar kabar di seluruh Skotlandia bahwa kapal Titanic mengalami musibah. Kapal yang disombongkan tidak mungkn tenggelam itu menabrak gunung es dan tenggelam. Ratusan penumpang di atasnya ikut tenggelam di lautan gelap dan dingin. Tetapi keluarga Clark lolos dari maut karena tidak jadi ikut menumpang kapal tersebut.
Ketika Clark mendengar itu, dia segera memeluk anak bungsunya sambil berterima kasih karena sudah menyelamatkan keluarga mereka. Dia bersyukur kepada Tuhan karena menyelamatkan keluarganya dengan mengubah musibah menjadi berkah.

(Berbagai Sumber)
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