Januari 25, 2015

Walking in The Dark

I am walking alone in the dark;
Dark like what I feel inside
I can't see anything in the dark;
But I can feel the sadness inside

I know I am nothing special for you
I don't have anything to offer you
I also realize I don't know you too
I just hope my journey will end

But I am completely wrong about it
My journey is still long in the dark
I don't find the direction to get out here
I think you are my angel who safe me free

I said to myself that is O.K if nothing happened
The journey just start it slow and slowly
That is O.K to become pain inside my heart
It is mean I have feeling and it is not frozen

My feeling is pure and honestly
But I can't say I am perfect the one
Because I know I am not perfect to anybody
I just a woman who has many dreams and hope

Find someone who will love me as the way I am
Someone who understand me as I understand him
Someone who fill my days with hope and survive
But nothing happened for the future is O.K

My present life still long as my journey
Walking in the dark is not making me afraid
Because I believe in the end way that will be good
Someone will waiting me there with smile

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Title : Walking in The Dark
Writen By : Citra Pandiangan
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