Februari 20, 2015

Strong Enough to Stand by Myself

I never say I am strong but I can say I am not weak
I can't say I don't need someone but I can be myself
I never say I give up with someone hurt my feeling
Because sometimes it will make me realize I am not robot

I can't say I am strong to see the world with my eyes
But I am strong enough to make my own challenge
I never say I am weakness with my feeling every day
I just need time to be strong enough to stand by myself

I don't need good words from the people to make me good
I just need your pray to make me strong enough to stand
I never say leave alone is something wonderful time in alive
But it can be good time to know myself well then you realize

I never say I am perfect woman for you and all your friends
But I just ordinary woman who want to be myself and happy
Become woman who I wanna be a strong enough to stand
To look the world and say everything is fine for us

I can't stand with you if you never allow me to understand you
Because how I know you if I never have change to communication
I just human with the feeling because I am not robot who can turn on and off
Do you want me to be human or just robot which it don't have feeling

I am strong enough to stand by myself although you hurt me so badly
I am strong enough to be myself and take it by myself as the way I am
I am not perfect and I won't to be perfect I just wanna be me
Open minded, responsible, dreaming and work hard and fall in love

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Title : Strong Enough to Stand by Myself
Writen By : Citra Pandiangan
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