Februari 20, 2015

Thanks God almost Done

Dear diary, finally what I am doing almost done, already 60 percent. Just making Malang, Bromo Mt articles plus the way to speak Indonesia and current money of Indonesia. Then my book for guiding book will finish. I wish this week will finish all. I can't imagine it need almost a few months to make it work. But I am so happy.

Dear diary, although what I expected is not like what I expected but I won't disappointed or feel so blue with the long time. I should finish make a few books this month because start next month my return to find job in Jakarta. I won't keep my dream lost; I am strong although I am not strong enough but I don't want fall down in the deep sadness.

Dear diary, I do believe God although I never know what He wants me to do and what His plan in my life. Almost all my dreams gone. My sister wedding on March, end of March. Last year I think I can introduce someone in this event but It can't be happened to me. Am I sad? of course I am sad, it is like my life burn suddenly, I feel so blue in a few weeks and it is o.k Although I am feeling blue that is not mean I should feel frustration hole of my life.

Like I said that is o.k become sad when what your life expected become mess, if it including your fault but if it can't be change or get another opportunity that is not mean you should sad all the time. Let's making it happened. To be success in your relationship, career are not so easy. It never easy but believe it in God work and pray for it and do the best for it.

Dear diary, maybe it sounds like nonsense but when I feel sad, I don't know what it can be magic I have something strong to make me feel so amazing again although it is so hard to move. I move it slow step by step but at least I can be little strong. God, please help me to make this finish and become success. Nothing happened if God is not help me.
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Title : Thanks God almost Done
Writen By : Citra Pandiangan
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