Dear diary, this is already weekend and that is mean my roommate will leave me. She wants to move to other place. So That is mean I will be alone and it so damn suck hahahaha. Depend on situation. Sometimes we love to have someone company us but sometimes we also need our privacy but thinking will be alone soon make me so sad.

Dear diary this weekend raining and that is not making me feel good. The weather also still hot and I just writing something to finish my book and also about my journey when I was young. The first time I visit Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Yea kill the time with writing, reading and crafting will make me feel better.

Sometimes life so hard and I won't give up to do anything. I should survive in this big city, alone and don't have much friends here. Just some nice neighbors who keep talk little bit. I don't have close friends after some friends back or move to another part of Indonesia. I am really alone in this big city. I don't know, but I should be success here. I should think to make me success with find wonderful job with good salary and also keep my own business shop online too. This business sometimes up and down. When I was traveling many people request to order many products but I can't handle all.

Dear diary, wish me keep healthy and strong so I can smile and prove to the world I am good and I can survive here. I love it, I also hope one day everything will be find and I will happy with someone who I am waiting to meet real to fill up my days and our days. I am waiting him to visit me, but I don't have brave to ask him, when he will visit me. Because we just already make communication after misunderstanding and miscommunication. I should beware to speak with him, no childish and should more adult. 

Dear diary, sometimes I am crying alone and I wish everything will be find. I just believe it and I should believe it.

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