Dear diary, I am good just little busy with my project and it almost done. I should finish it before going to home. Early morning papa called me and count the day, the day I will go home. He really wants me to go home, to visit my parents and also attend to my sister wedding party.

Because of that I did rejected some appointment interviews in some position in some companies hahahahah, Yea because I will be confused if I take it and I can't go to my sister wedding. She is the first kids in family and papa wants all his children can attend in this party. I am not jealous actually, I just feel sad. I should come to this party to introduce someone to my parents but something happened make this plan delay :( still not lucky to show up the man to some friends there.

Dear diary, finally I already book and pay the ticket to go home on early morning friday. Papa so excited waiting me home. Yea, actually in middle of July I already home for a few days to process my ID Card (renew) and making renew passport. But, he really want all come and take full of family photos. Because it never happened. 

Dear diary, I know this month magic for me, although I am so damn broke but I wish April more fantastic for me. I believe in time, everything will be fine. DO you believe the power of pray. I do believe it, although the pray will be answer need time. Can you imagine, I can survive for a few months after finish traveling without any money but I can do it, my small business is not famous after the end of 2014. I got one customer complain but that was not my fault if the post office always different for payment for it service, so complicated and confused and make one this customer angry. 

Dear diary, I wish as soon as possible, my dream work will be come true and I also want to learn about content writer and the most become good writer like my dream. BUT I KNOW WRITER IN INDONESIA just for hobby only not for permanent job. But writing for me is like one part of my element life. I can't pass my time without writing anything. 

Dear diary, I don't need to be rich but I want get good financial to get attend college as IT or about internet. Because one day I want traveling to the world and also has income with work anywhere and anytime. Can I? I want to learn about the culture life, survive life in real road, dear diary I know i am not smart that is why I want to learn and keep learn. I wish one day I can find precious book about how to get all knowledge about become programmer and also become success woman in career and also family. 

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