Juli 30, 2015

Unlucky Day Yesterday and Today

Dear diary, since yesterday and today I got trouble on html. My diary citra is getting messy and most of my widget gone. Lucky me, a month ago I kept some widget but for tweeter info got lost and  I do try again but it was not work anymore.

Share for media social in this time very important because it make the readers will be easy to keep the article their like on their social media. I am trying many time to get the html which it work and it never happened. Suddenly I find it is no need make messy my html on blog just get add widget.

Juli 21, 2015

Still Nightmare | RIP Papa

June, 27 2015 in evening time was the nightmare for me. I really didn't believe it at all. Mama said papa was come and a few minutes my brother sent me text papa pass away. 
07.00 am Papa called me and said Happy Sabbath and remind me don't forget to go to church. Papa said papa was so tired and as usual he woke up around 04.00 and read Bible. His voice same although I found the tiring voice. we talk a bit.
12.00 pm Mama called me and talking many things and I am still feeling happy in that time. We talk about future. 

02.00 pm Mama called me and still talking but the most mama little busy to service papa food and etc.

04.00 pm Mama called and mama still busy with papa

Juli 12, 2015

Kehilangan Arah

Kehilangan Arah

Aku melangkah tanpa ada kepastian
Aku hanya berjalan tanpa tujuan
Kabar sedih itu masih menghantuiku
Walau aku melihat dengan mata kepalaku sendiri
Aku masih tak percaya bahwa itu terjadi

Lost Stars Lyric | Adam Levine

After having heavy day in my life, day by day it will make me feel better. When last night I could not sleep well, I watched movie and the title about "Begin Again" It is movie about something complicated in alive. That is like what I feel too sometimes. 

This song I want to shared the song, Lost Stars soundtrack from that movie.

Please don't see just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies
Please see me reaching out for someone I can't see
Take my hand let's see where we wake up tomorrow
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