September 06, 2015

Best Friend to Fill Life

Best Friend

The most wonderful time when I know you
You are the great friend I ever know…
You never bored to company me everytime I need
Never say one single word to refuse me ….
You always hear my problems anytime I want

I am so lucky to having best friend like you
The most a person who care me so badly
I am so happy spend time talk with you
Anytime you want to shared it I will take time
Because you also do the same with me

Nothing percious in this world without friends
Everybody need special a friend to make days perfect
I have special friend which make my world so colorful
Smiling, laughting and sadness in the same time
That is making my world has different color everyday

You are my best friend and I never forget about it
You always here when I need you without complain
You never allow me alone in my sadness day
That is call best friend whatever days come in alive
I am so happy having best friend like you to fill my days

Tanjungpinang, September 6 2015

Note : This poetry dedicated to everybody in the world who has best friend. None in this world no need a friend in their life. So making your days colorful with your friend. Special for my little one friend. Wish everything will be alright there and thank you to keep communication with me. 

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Title : Best Friend to Fill Life
Writen By : Citra Pandiangan
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