Desember 29, 2016

Think Think

Dear diary, I can’t sleep! I know, sleep well at night is very good for health and mind. But my mind is flying anywhere. I know every year always like this before the year is change. I am still wonder about anything in the future, at least on 2017.

I am still missing something but I don’t know what is that. I am so lucky and unlucky either but life is fair right! Like I always said to myself, you can’t get what you expected in real life. Because life is harder but  you should stronger to break the rock that make your way difficult.

Desember 01, 2016

December 2016 is Miracle Month

Dear diary, time is faster. I just feel like sleep on November Rain and wake up in December rain today. Almost all day is raining and I feel so damn blessing about this. Time is really fast right! We never know what will happened in the future. We just hope everything will amazing and miracle.

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