Juli 05, 2017

Dream be REAL

Dear diary, I miss you so much. Mmmm, do you know what I wanna say, I am getting one age in my number ages hahaha. Its mean time so fast and I am making new GOAL for this year and I am trying to make it real on 2018. Wow, talking about 2018 so scary right because that is mean 11 months and 25 days I will getting new number again! So damn it scary hahaha.

Do you know what should I do? Working and working like a hell hahaha. But, its so damn nice either. Because I love to make something beautiful and fantastic! Come on! Yes, I never change and I love to say I am dreamer and dream never end. Its not only dreams but also become real one by one.

I do not understand why people are afraid to making dream! Its making dream should pay tax with the dreamer government? Hahahaha so why people are still afraid to making dream and make it real. Because, dream is like a dreamer and fact is more REAL then dream. Mostly, people think like that.

So here I am! The dreamer girl eh woman to make my dream come true again! Its not easy, its hard but harder then what we can imagination! Because dream and real really hard in fact. So, why you are making wall in real and dream life? Come on! Lets making life more fantastic with mix dream and real become one. It will make you be strong then what do you think who you are.

Still trying to build my babies. They are www.storycitra.com | www.kotacinta.com | www.kitabahagia.com | www.chitchat.my.id | and www.petunjukhidup.com the last one I hope so hahaha. So lets making life more precious then what do you do today! Because dream and real life are soulmate to make life more fantastic then BORED.

Dear diary, thanks to keep loyal with all I have been writing here. Because, I will never ever forget you. Because, writing is my life.


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Title : Dream be REAL
Writen By : Citra Pandiangan
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