Juni 09, 2018

Keep Silent, Do not Fall in Love | Poetry

Dear diary, today I wanna make little poem about do not fall in love. Ouch! Sound like I am broken heart, right? Actually I am not broken hurt, I am fine and I am happy hahaha. I just wanna make something opposite from my feeling today.

Juni 08, 2018

Money can not buy Happiness

Dear diary, it is already long time I never write on you anymore. I know! I do miss to write on here too. Sometimes I think I don’t enough time to writing on all my blogs since I have paid domain with the total is 6 blogs domain. It is not mean I hate you and I forget you. You are the second time I make since long time ago. I promise, I will keep write on you too.

I do miss to write poetry or poem too. Let’s listen it. Eh read it lol. I do make this poetry based on my video I did upload on my YouTube channel. I will shared to you all my friends here too.

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