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September 10, 2015

Penawaran Pelayanan Penulisan Review

Ada beberapa penawaran yang kudapat untuk menjadi penulis lepas di beberapa website. Tetapi jangan asal main terima saja, mesti selective untuk mendapatkan yang terbaik. Sebenarnya enak tidak seh yang jadi penulis lepas?

Menjadi penulis lepas ada plus dan minusnya, plusnya bisa bekerja di mana saja, tanpa harus pergi ke kantor. Jadi bye bye bangun pagi, jika kamu termasuk orang yang tidak bisa gampang tidur di malam hari. Deaadline bisa diatur sendiri, maksudnya, kamu tahu kapan waktu yang tepat untuk menulis dan mengejar deadline yang sudah ditentukan.

Juli 21, 2015

Still Nightmare | RIP Papa

June, 27 2015 in evening time was the nightmare for me. I really didn't believe it at all. Mama said papa was come and a few minutes my brother sent me text papa pass away. 
07.00 am Papa called me and said Happy Sabbath and remind me don't forget to go to church. Papa said papa was so tired and as usual he woke up around 04.00 and read Bible. His voice same although I found the tiring voice. we talk a bit.
12.00 pm Mama called me and talking many things and I am still feeling happy in that time. We talk about future. 

02.00 pm Mama called me and still talking but the most mama little busy to service papa food and etc.

04.00 pm Mama called and mama still busy with papa

Juni 27, 2015

R.I.P Papa | Albert Pandiangan

Dear diary, today I am so silly, I forgot my pin 3 times and it got block. I don't know why but my feeling is not nice. It because papa is sick and this time papa can't get safe anymore. Papa already gone and God take papa forever this time. JUNE, 27th 2015 06.30 is like storm for our family. The most bad time, I am not there, beside papa when papa sick. Now, I feel so lonely and can't doing anything. I just crying and crying, one by one my brothers and sister called me, including my friend, Meri and my aunt, Sri.

We don't believe it, because it so fast. I also can't believe it. But It happened this time, this saturday is worse day in my life. My papa is not alive anymore. He is already gone and never see me marriage one day. I am so sad now, I am feel so lonely and hopeless. The most I still can't make my papa happy to see me marriage. I am sorry papa. At least when my sister was marriage and you were in hospital I did company you all week in hospital and care you like you ever care me.

When my sister called me, I can hear my mama's crying so badly. I know how is she feel this time. 

Januari 19, 2015

Pandiangan's Family :) | Wonderful Family

A few days I did introduce myself and this time I want to introduce my family. Like I wrote here, I have one big sister and three teaser brother. We are normal family fighting, love, teaser, need each other, enemy, best friend, upset, any many things you will find in my  family. We don't have secret each other, mama always keep calling me all most every day, just want to hear my cute voice. My brothers also keep in touch with me including my sister. Although they are busy but communication always good between us.

Argument is one part of our life but that is making we need each other. The advice is making my day worse always contain to follow hole my life until I am freedom. But that is family always care and want the children happy. Event I do already not teen anymore, for them I am still their kids and they never stop to watching me even from far a way. hahahahaha.

Let's me Introduce my wonderful family, without them I can't be like this.

My Killer Papa but so Caring

Januari 18, 2015

Let's Me Tell You Who Am I

Some friends and readers always ask who am I? The selfie a woman who love posting anything in her mind and take many pictures about herself. Actually I am just ordinary woman is like your sister, your female friends, or your lover. I am normal woman who sensitive, lovely, childish, selfish, ambition, never give up, always want to learn anything, never feel satisfied about knowledge, can't writing but want to be famous writing, dreamer.

Who Am I?

Let's me start to introduce me on here. Long time ago, in east Borneo (Kalimantan Timur) especially at Balikpapan part. A family were waiting a baby to born in this earth. That was me, yes I was born in Balikpapan on 1 July 19xx. I was the second child from Pandiangan family. My mum from Java and my papa from Sumatera. My mum has white skin and papa has brown skin so my skin actually is like my papa, poor me! I had exotic skin, brown. Lucky my sister had white skin from mama relative.

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