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Tampilkan posting dengan label recording. Tampilkan semua posting

November 17, 2014

Best Friend

When anything is not like what you expected, just thinking, you have best friend, JESUS. For more info you can hear this, just put on play :)

November 16, 2014

Erase Your Problem Like Blank Paper

Do you ever see the blank paper, that still new and white plus clean. Can you imagine when pen, color, make the blank paper become dirty. That is sometimes also happened in our life. We are born like the white paper and every time the paper become good, worse. It depend on, what condition and situation in your life.

Sometimes your life so wonderful when you get the good parts, how if you got trouble and every your life? Can you imagine it?

Tom Tom The Tooth Fairy

This is the first time I record somewhat in here, just wanna practice again so If somewhat mistake just ignore it hahaha, enjoy the kid
story :)

Tomtom the Tooth Fairy
In a country, there lived a very handsome elf. But unfortunately he does not have the teeth. Handsome fairy named Tomtom. State elf uproar, how can a new born elf has no teeth.

Tomtom certainly feel very sad, because he does not have teeth like a fair friends. He did not feel confident to play with his friends. Tomtom rather be alone, than play with his friends.

At one time, Tomtom is aloof flew erratic direction. Apparently he has been among the border gates between the worlds of fairies and humans. Tomtom surprised. Because senior fairies always forbid anyone through the border gates between the worlds of fairies and humans.

Tomtom feel curious was kept flying through the gate. Tomtom astonishment at the sight of the human world that is similar to the fairy world. Lots of flowers, trees. Tomtom hear many voices laughing. Apparently Tomtom saw a bunch of kids who were playing under the tree.

Tomtom watched from the top of the tree. He was pleased to observe the children at play. Tomtom also have a desire to be able to play with fairy friends . However, he realizes that he has flaws. He does not have teeth like his friends. He was ashamed to smile. Because his smile would look weird.
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