Juni 09, 2018

Keep Silent, Do not Fall in Love | Poetry

Dear diary, today I wanna make little poem about do not fall in love. Ouch! Sound like I am broken heart, right? Actually I am not broken hurt, I am fine and I am happy hahaha. I just wanna make something opposite from my feeling today.

Keep Silent, Don’t fall in Love
Stttsss, silent…. Do not talk to much
You will be so tired if talk to much
No need to explain your feeling
Every one won’t to hear it

Sttsss Don’t talk to much words
If you wanna fall in love to someone
You talk to much then you get hurt
Why you can not be silent without words

Keep silent, don’t fall in love
Then you will never get hurt anymore
Its love in silent will not KILL You
Different if you talk to much

The words you try to explain
More make you look so silly
Just be silent and don’t fall in love
Then love will come to you

Enjoy Life and be go green

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Title : Keep Silent, Do not Fall in Love | Poetry
Writen By : Citra Pandiangan
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